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Adventure Travel in Tyrol: Pure Adrenaline with Caving in Imst

A brand new travel trend is the so-called Adventure Travelling, where adventurers and the brave can fully enjoy themselves. One can look forward to thrills and dark passages, for example, when caving in the popular outdoor region of Imst, where one can get to know the mountain world in a completely different way.

City view Imst
City view Imst - © Imst Tourismus

In Amberg near Haiming, brave guests and locals can embark on an extraordinary journey into an underground tunnel system dating back to World War II. First, you descend about 100 meters into the darkness at the abseiling point, before venturing further into the mountain - well-equipped with a headlamp, helmet, and climbing harness. There, complete darkness prevails, an experience that not only tests your nerves but also sharpens all your senses. With the help of modern caving equipment, adventurers can easily overcome all obstacles, including the exit through the pressure tunnel. This tunnel is about 250 meters long and has a slope of 45 degrees. However, it can be traversed with the help of a steel cable.

Impressive tunnel hike

Not quite as extreme is the tunnel hike, which also leads into the darkness from the back of the mountain. Then the tunnel is hiked through and you return to the entry point. For all tours, it is advisable to dress warmly, as the tunnel is only about eight degrees. Of course, you are not alone on these unusual discoveries, but are accompanied by trained guides.

Historic Amberg

But the Amberg not only offers its visitors impressive nature, it is also a very interesting place historically: In World War II, the tunnel was supposed to be part of the largest European hydroelectric power plant. However, this project was never completed. During caving, you can still see the traces left by this huge project and encounter old structures whose shadows are visible on the rock walls.

Great challenge

Depending on the provider, the tours last between three and four hours and offer unforgettable impressions: You will experience an exciting mix of physical challenge, darkness, and historical backdrop, and move beyond your comfort zone. Therefore, you should also have climbing experience and be in good physical condition. Similarly counterproductive are fear of heights, fear of confined spaces, or fear of darkness. But if you meet all these requirements, you will definitely experience a very extraordinary adventure.

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