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Book Tips: Reading Material for Your Next Stay

Is it still a while until your next vacation in South Tyrol and would you like to find out about the country, its people and sights or just be entertained? Below we present some books that can shorten your waiting time a bit.


The exciting biography of Frei.Wild frontman Philipp Burger

Philipp Burger is a man who polarizes. Head and singer of Frei.Wild, one of the most controversial German-language bands of our time. Rebellious, loud, provocative. But also a loving family man, passionate ArcheHof farmer, and open-minded Neuland explorer. Somehow indescribable.

tagging, instead of really discussing openly

He has never made a secret of his youth in the right-wing scene of South Tyrol - and now refers to it as the "worst time of my life". Nevertheless, for many it is clear: "He's still right-wing, isn't he?"

unfiltered and brutally honest

In this book, Philipp Burger tells his story ... unfiltered, brutally honest, and with a healthy dose of self-reflection. And raises questions that should interest us all: Why does a young man from a loving and educated family become a skinhead and shout right-wing slogans? And more importantly: How did he get out? What battles has he fought against his own inner demons and against the prejudices of a society that does not grant second chances?

But he also writes about what his life is like beyond political debates and headlines. How he fulfilled the dream of a farm, why "home" is the most inviting term for him, and why he stands against all extremes.

Authentic, honest, reflective - and full of gripping stories! Buy here

Potpourri of local history texts

"Cheerful and entertaining from South Tyrol" is the title of a book by Bruno Mahlknecht. In the volume you will find a collection of all kinds of local history texts, ranging from entertaining and cheerful to rhymed and unrhymed to historical stories. With this book, you can immerse yourself deeply in the South Tyrolean past and also marvel at numerous postcards from the years 1900 to 1940. "A book to smile at," as the author himself says, which will certainly bring you a lot of joy as preparation for your South Tyrol vacation.

Attractive travel destination

Of course, a travel guide should not be missing for the next vacation. How about the "South Tyrol Travel Guide," published by the Michael Müller Verlag? In addition to historical cities such as Bruneck, Brixen, Meran, or Bolzano, the travel guide also includes numerous hiking suggestions and very precisely documented mountain bike routes.

111 extraordinary places in South Tyrol

Spectacular views, impressive mountain worlds, dreamy mountain lakes, and countless hiking trails - this is how South Tyrol is often described. But the country has much more to offer, as the book "111 Places in South Tyrol You Must See" by Sabine Gruber and Peter Eickhoff shows. For example, they explore which monastery still has the crescent moon turning in the wind today or where you can sit under palm trees and admire snow-covered peaks at the same time, and present places that show South Tyrol from a completely different perspective.

A crime novel from South Tyrol

"Blood-Red Wine" is the title of a crime novel set in South Tyrol. Here, the private detective Tiberio Tanner not only wins a bottle of wine but also a vine. When he wants to take possession of his prize, he finds the body of a young man at the vine and, in his investigations, comes across a mysterious doctor and violent winegrowers. An entertaining and exciting book about an idiosyncratic detective who investigates in the idyllic South Tyrol.

Favorite places South Tyrol

Which Alpine peak can no longer be climbed today for religious reasons, and which village was visited three times by Karl May? Martin Hanni addresses these and numerous other questions in his book "Favorite Places South Tyrol." He also tells exciting stories about hotels and mountains and devotes himself to good food, garnished with many interesting facts.

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Recommended accommodations

Icon Pension

Pensione Holzerhof

San Martino in Passiria

Cozy vacations at the Holzerhof. The Holzerhof is a family-run guesthouse in Val Passiria/Passeiertal, from where guests can enjoy the fantastic view of the Mataspitze and St. Martin. Here you can spend relaxing days in cozy rooms or vacation apartments.

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Appartement Riederhof

St. Martin in Passeier ★★★

The Riederhof was opened in 1980 as one of the first large hotels in the Passeier Valley with holiday apartments. Although while at that time, holiday apartments in South Tyrol were an exception, the Riederhof welcomed many friendly guests who are still regular visitors today.

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Icon Vacation on the farm


Collalbo/Renon ★★★

Welcome on the Neuhof in Bolzano - South Tyrol

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Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort

Valle di Casies ★★★★★

A source of tranquility. Of diversity. Of joie de vivre. Let yourself be enchanted of so many memorable highlights, honoured with the “Holidaycheck Gold Award 2024“ , with new Timeless Sky SPA, 8 different pools, 12 saunas, outdoor SPA attractions in the 5.000 m wellness garden and guided activity program. Nestled in the fascinating natural scenery of the Casies Valley with a breathtaking panorama to the Dolomites we will show you a great holiday time from a special beautiful and ...

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