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Sights in South Tyrol and Tyrol

Keep your eyes open! Discover the many big and small beauties on your vacation.

Nature and culture

South Tyrol is also ancient cultural land, shaped by transit and exchange across the Alpine passes, by trade and mining. Thus, we find numerous castles and ruins especially along the old trade routes, around the provincial capital of Bozen alone, there are around 40 of them. Many are impressive medieval fortifications, others magnificent castles that often house astonishing treasures. The frescoes on Hocheppan or Runkelstein Castle, for example, are unique. The Churburg has an impressive armory, one of the largest in the world. Castle Tirol, the ancestral seat of the Counts of Tyrol, houses the State Museum with highly interesting exhibitions. Castle Juval, the fortress of Siegmundskron, and Castle Bruneck are part of the Messner Mountain Museum, the large museum project of the South Tyrolean extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

The important traffic junctions also gave rise to the South Tyrolean cities. They have largely been spared from the devastations of major wars and disasters and have authentically preserved their historic centers. The old bourgeois houses with their arcades in Bozen or Bruneck, the charm of the Fuggerstadt Sterzing, the imposing episcopal residence of Brixen, the fashionable spa town of Meran, or even the tiny town of Glurns behind its historic city walls - let yourself be enchanted by the cities of South Tyrol and their special flair.

Secular and ecclesiastical centers

South Tyrol is also rich in churches and monasteries, some of which are true jewels of art history. The Säben Monastery, for example, or the Franciscan Monastery in Bozen, the cathedral and Hofburg in Brixen, the small, Romanesque Prokulus Church with its valuable frescoes, the Marienberg Abbey in the Vinschgau, and last but not least, the Bozen Cathedral, a masterpiece of high Gothic. In addition, there are numerous museums that open up the history and culture of South Tyrol in diverse ways.

Our tip

Keep your eyes open! Discover the many great and small beauties of South Tyrol on your vacation, the obvious ones as well as the sometimes hidden ones. Enjoy this unique paradise.

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