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Recipes from South Tyrol - South Tyrolean cuisine - Tyrolean specialties

Have you ever tried Schlutzkrapfen? Or barley soup? Do you know Blattler with cabbage? And how do you like sweet poppy seed pastries or Kaiserschmarrn? These delicious South Tyrolean specialties from grandmother's cookbook, refined with the finest nuances from modern cuisine and complemented by exquisite Mediterranean influences, make up the incomparable South Tyrolean cuisine! Discover the culinary diversity of South Tyrol and indulge in indescribable delights for the palate! Inviting appetizers, tasty main courses, and enchanting desserts made from carefully selected ingredients, accompanied by exquisite wines all this can be enjoyed in the right atmosphere: in a quaint-rustic farmhouse parlor as well as in a romantic gourmet restaurant. Take a seat and let South Tyrol's master chefs and their recipes pamper you!

South Tyrolean cheese dumplings
South Tyrolean cheese dumplings
Apple strudel
Apple strudel
South Tyrolean farmhouse cuisine
South Tyrolean farmhouse cuisine

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Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese (meat ragout)

Spaghetti Bolognese, also known as “Spaghetti alla Bolognese“, is a delicious and hearty Italian pasta dish. Here is a recipe for how you can prepare this dish:

Pumpkin soup with sour cream and pumpkin seeds

The best pumpkin cream soup with sour cream - roasted pumpkin seeds as garnish. Recipe to cook from South Tyrol.

Recipe for Liver Dumplings from South Tyrol

Liver dumplings a recipe from grandmother‘s cookbook for recooking. We wish you good success and a good appetite!

Volgger Egon
Sour Soup

Recipe for Sour Soup to cook at home from the South Tyrol region. Grandmother‘s way, simply delicious.

Barley soup

South Tyrolean barley soup as grandmother used to make. Put the barley, the smoked meat, and the bacon rinds into water and let simmer slowly for 2 - 2.5 hours.

Goulash Soup - Recipe from Grandmother‘s Kitchen

Recipe for goulash soup from the South Tyrol and Tyrol region. Cut the meat into small cubes. Fry the chopped onions in fat. Add the meat, paprika, salt, caraway, and tomato paste and let it roast well.

South Tyrolean cheese dumplings
Cooking class in a South Tyrolean hotel

In many South Tyrolean hotels, award-winning chefs are at the stove, pampering their guests with culinary delights. But how about taking a cooking class yourself?

Apricot dumplings
Apricot dumplings

A classic Austrian flour-based dessert is the apricot dumplings.

Apple strudel
Apple Strudel Recipe

The apple strudel, the most widespread type of strudel.

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Tree Cake
Tree Cake

The original Tyrolean tree cake recipe. Beat egg yolks, glucose syrup and marzipan raw mass until frothy with a mixer. Melt butter over a water bath. Stir butter, sifted flour, and cornstarch into the egg foam.

Christmas Stollen
Christmas Stollen

The Christmas Stollen, a timeless classic.

South Tyrolean Kaiserschmarrn
South Tyrolean Kaiserschmarrn

This is how the Tyroleans make the delicious pancake!

Veal or pork knuckles
Veal or pork knuckles

Original South Tyrolean veal shanks or pork knuckles

Foto Südtirol Marketing-Schlutzkrapfen
Schlutzkrapfen Recipe - South Tyrol

Here you will find the original recipe for the South Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen!

Spinach dumplings
Spinach Dumplings - Recipe with Ingredients and Preparation from South Tyrol

The gourmet hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol presents the best spinach dumplings for you. Here is the recipe with ingredients and description of the preparation.

Zucchini Porcini Carpaccio
Zucchini-Porcini Carpaccio

with Parmesan slices and olive oil Ingredients for 4 people:

Foam soup of chard stalks
Foam soup of chard stems

with baked smoked trout pockets

Terlan Wine Soup

Here you will find a recipe for Terlan wine soup and how to prepare it.

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Burning soup

Here you will find the recipe for a Tyrolean brandy soup and how to prepare it.

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Milk soup

Here you will find the recipe for a milk soup and how to prepare it.

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Asparagus Risotto

Recipe for risotto with asparagus to cook yourself from the South Tyrol region

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