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Specialties from South Tyrol

South Tyrol and Tyrol have much more to offer than wonderful nature and great mountains. The enjoyment and the passion for valuable and healthy nutrition also have a long tradition here. South Tyrol stands for a land of pleasure. You can enjoy the products and specialties from South Tyrol with us in Südtirolerland.

Rarely does one find so many restaurants awarded with Gault Millau toques and Michelin stars as in South Tyrol and Tyrol. The basis for the good cuisine is, besides the skill and creativity of the chefs, especially the first-class products from regional agriculture.

The Tyrolean and South Tyrolean farmers deliver a lot of high-quality and tasty products, which are often also internationally recognized and awarded. The quality seals "Quality Tyrol" and "Quality South Tyrol" stand for certified origin and the highest standards in production and processing.

The range of regional specialties is large: fruit, especially apples, berries, and vegetables are raw or processed into juices, distillates, jams, or fruit spreads, healthy, vitamin-rich delicacies. Wine is especially a South Tyrolean domain, as well as chestnuts; beer, on the other hand, is brewed in Tyrol in several small breweries with special care. In addition, there are many other products, such as honey, cheese, herbs, bacon, sausages, and high-quality meat from beef or lamb.

Enjoyment and the love for high-quality products are inseparably part of the Tyrolean and South Tyrolean way of life. Whether with apple strudel and cappuccino, whether with a hearty bacon snack with hearty bread, whether at a luxury menu in a toque-awarded restaurant, with a glass of wine in a Buschenschank or at the convivial Törggelen – the many small and large culinary delicacies make this region so seductive and distinctive. "Pleasure region" is not just a buzzword here, but lived – and loved – culture.

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Who has the best cheese?
Pleasure on vacation: Delicious cheese from South Tyrol

Discover the delicious cheese from South Tyrol, a culinary specialty with over 90 varieties, including the famous gray cheese and the Stelvio PDO cheese. Learn more about the traditional production and enjoy cheese events in South Tyrol.

Forst Brewery

The Forst Brewery, fully known as “Brauerei Forst AG“, is one of the oldest and most prestigious breweries in Italy. It is located in the small village of Forst, which belongs to Algund, and is very close to the spa town of Merano in South Tyrol. Its history dates back to 1857, when it was founded and has since been owned by the Fuchs family. Over the decades, the brewery has made a name for itself in the production of premium beers and strictly follows traditional brewing methods, which are supplemented by modern technologies.

Barbian Waterfall
Pleasure from South Tyrol: The Barbian Plum

Already since the Middle Ages, the Barbian plums have been thriving on the slopes of Barbian, which also played a significant role as an export good until the 20th century.

Kastelbeller Asparagus Season
Spargelzeit Copyright:RainerSturm/pixelio
Pleasure products from South Tyrol: Terlan Asparagus

The high-quality Terlan asparagus has a centuries-old tradition and is cultivated in Terlan, Siebeneich, and Vilpian.

Schnitzer Klaus
(c) Rotwild
Carver Klaus in the Ahrntal

Klaus Kirchler runs a wood carving business with his wife and their three children in St. Johann in Ahrntal. The business has been in existence for over 30 years.

The best bacon producers in South Tyrol

The distinctive taste of South Tyrolean bacon comes from a unique interplay of smoke, spices, mountain air, and noble mold.

Baker from South Tyrol
The best bakeries in South Tyrol

South Tyrol‘s bakers spread the unique scent of freshly baked bread throughout the country. With a lot of passion and according to age-old traditions, fresh delicacies are baked every day.

House Distillery
The best schnapps distillers in Tyrol

For a snack or after a splendid meal or for a Törggele evening, an exquisite schnapps from a distillery in Tyrol is an excellent match.

In the greenhouse
Foto: Karin Weigel - CC BY-SA 3.0
Find your nursery in South Tyrol here.

Discover the most beautiful plants, flowers, and finest garden design in the country.

Hotel of the
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House distillery
The best distillers in South Tyrol

After a hearty meal or with a traditional platter of cold cuts or on an evening of Törggelen, a high-quality schnapps from a distillery in South Tyrol goes wonderfully.

Strawberries in Martello in South Tyrol
Red power fruits: Strawberries from South Tyrol

Who doesn‘t love them, the bright red fruits that immediately make you think of summer. Strawberry cultivation has also reached cult status in the Martello Valley.

Beer breweries from South Tyrol
Enjoying on Vacation: South Tyrolean Beer

It is well known that excellent wines are produced in South Tyrol. In addition to the cultivation of wines, however, the beer culture is also maintained here, which can look back on a long tradition.

South Tyrolean carpenters
The best carpenters and wood processors in Tyrol

The many small and medium-sized enterprises in North and East Tyrol are the sought-after employers and the strong pillar of the Tyrolean economy.

Tyrol Products
Tyrolean hotels focus on local products

More and more hotels are focusing on authenticity and offer their guests local products, which then become part of the menu in the form of particularly tasty delicacies.

Eisendle Martin, the beekeeper from Ridnaun
© Eisendle Martin
Eisendle Martin, the beekeeper from Ridnaun

The well-known South Tyrolean beekeeper talks more about his beehives, beekeeping, his products and other interesting information about bees.

South Tyrolean Carpenter
The best carpenters and wood processors in South Tyrol

The many small and medium-sized enterprises in South Tyrol are the sought-after employers and the strong backbone of the South Tyrolean economy.

Who has the best cheese?
Organic mountain cheese made according to good old tradition

The production of tasty cheese and healthy dairy products has a long tradition in South Tyrol. The first dairy cooperative was founded in San Candido in 1875, with many more to follow over time.

Milchhof Sterzing
© Milchhof Sterzing
Sterzing Dairy - Pleasure in Purest White

The Milchhof Sterzing is not only the oldest dairy cooperative in South Tyrol but also one of the most successful. The Sterzinger yogurt is famous far beyond the regional borders.

Eisack Valley Cost - Tradition in the Eisack Valley
Isarco Valley Cuisine

For over 40 years, the oldest specialty week in South Tyrol has been delighting with a successful mix of traditional cuisine and contemporary, innovative input.

Fun on the sled in Tyrol
Stewart Butterfield - CC BY 2.0
Sled making - Genuine craftsmanship with tradition

When buying a toboggan, one should also pay attention to quality. Traditional companies from Tyrol and South Tyrol deliver the perfect sleds for undiminished tobogganing fun.

Kiachln Tirol
© iStock
Kiachln - a Tyrolean specialty

Hearty, but incredibly seductive and tasty – these are Kiachln, a typical Tyrolean yeast dough specialty that can be enjoyed sweet or savory.

Honey harvesting
Photo by Maja Dumat - - CC BY 2.0
Honey from South Tyrol and Tyrol

Among the many Tyrolean specialties that impress with the highest quality standards and a wealth of flavor, honey is also included.

Chestnut season in South Tyrol

Autumn is chestnut season in South Tyrol! Along the Eisack Valley, around Lake Kaltern and up the Etsch Valley stretches the band of distinctive chestnut groves, which are so typical for the rural cultural landscape of South Tyrol.

Kastelbeller Asparagus Season
Spargelzeit Copyright:RainerSturm/pixelio
Castelbello Asparagus Season

Asparagus cultivation in South Tyrol already has a tradition. Especially the area around Terlan in the Adige Valley is known for the excellent asparagus that is produced there. But also in the Vinschgau, around Kastelbell-Tschars, asparagus is cultivated, which need not shy away from any comparison.

The mountain pine in the Sarntal
The mountain pine in the Sarn Valley

In the Sarntal, people have always lived in close connection and in harmony with nature. The seclusion of the valley, which for centuries, especially during the winter months, was very difficult to access, made it necessary to adapt to the rules of nature and at the same time to utilize the gifts it offers to humans.

Woodcarving from Val Gardena
Wood carving in the Val Gardena

In the Val Gardena, which is world-renowned as a fantastic skiing and hiking area in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, a cherished old tradition is still lovingly maintained today: wood carving.

South Tyrolean Apple
Photo: Viola sonans - GFDL
South Tyrolean Apple

Every year in autumn, it is time again for the apple harvest in South Tyrol. Fertile soils and the mild climate with up to 300 days of sunshine a year allow the South Tyrolean apple to thrive wonderfully.

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