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The best bacon producers in South Tyrol

The distinctive taste of South Tyrolean bacon comes from a unique interplay of smoke, spices, mountain air, and noble mold.


Each of the manufacturers listed below gives the bacon its own personal touch with its own blend of spices.
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Sarntaler Grammhof For several centuries, bacon and sausages have been produced at the Grammhof, located 1,500m high. Special herbal mixtures according to farmer's recipes and smoking with selected coniferous woods give the bacon its special flavor.

Luis Moser GmbH
Handwerkerzone 30
I-39058 Sarnthein

Pfitschers Südtiroler Speck GGA

Pfitschers Südtiroler Speck GGA This bacon, produced according to the South Tyrolean Speck G.G.A. quality seal, gets its outstanding taste from its perfect smoking. Awards in famous gourmet guides confirm the claim to be among the best. A piece of South Tyrolean tradition!

G. Pfitscher GmbH
Romstr. 20
I - 39014 Burgstall

Raich Speck

Raich Speck Raich Speck, a South Tyrolean family business, produces bacon and other specialties in a traditional and artisanal way. The principle has always remained the same, because only what tastes good to us can we recommend to others.

Raich Speck
J.Kravoglstr. 16
39020 Töll/Partschins

Gourmet Speck from the House of Schmid

Schmid Speck A South Tyrolean specialty, which is produced according to ancient, traditional farmer's recipes. Selected spices, mountain air, and natural smoking ensure an incomparable bacon delight. Only the best hind leg, selected according to strict quality criteria, is used for the bacon from the Schmid house.

Schmid Speck
Dreilandweg 3
39025 Plaus

Recla - Family business with tradition

Recla GmbH Recla is recognized as the specialist in the production of South Tyrolean branded bacon and is one of the most important and renowned companies in South Tyrol in the sausage and ham sector. With Oltspeck, Recla has combined the best of knowledge and ingredients and produced a particularly noble product according to ancient South Tyrolean tradition, with the most careful production methods and particularly high quality standards.

Recla GmbH
Gewerbegebiet 2
39028 Schlanders

Kofler Viktor & Andreas

Kofler Viktor & Andreas For three generations, the family business has been producing South Tyrolean specialties according to the traditional recipes of grandfather Augustin. You can find their shop directly in Lana, where you can buy genuine South Tyrolean bacon g.g.A. and other specialties from South Tyrol. You can meet father Viktor and son Andreas in the shop or at the weekly markets in the country.

Kofler Viktor & Andreas OHG
Boznerstr. 78/2
39011 Lana

Butcher Silberangl of Senoner Christian

Butcher Silberangl The village butcher in Kastelruth is a well-known address for the discerning palate with its traditional bacon, homemade sausages, and high-quality meat.

Butcher Silbernagl
Dolomitenstraße 23
I-39040 Kastelruth

G. Siebenförcher - Guaranteed good, from tradition.

Siebenförcher Since 1930, the family butcher from Merano has been known for the finest meat and sausage products. The secret of the incomparable and highly appreciated G. Siebenförcher taste lies in the spice mixtures handed down by the grandfather.

Siebenförcher G.u.T. & Co. OHG
Production: I-39012 Merano (BZ) - Max-Valier-Straße 2/4

I-39012 Merano (BZ) - Lauben 164
I-39042 Brixen (BZ) - Altenmarktgasse 22

Rinner - Tradition for over 60 years

Rinner Founded in 1955 as a village butcher, specializing in the production of South Tyrolean branded bacon, belly bacon, Kaminwurzen, and many other smoked delights. The production of the multiple award-winning meat and sausage products is carried out according to traditional artisanal methods.

Rinner Alexander & Co. KG
Hauptstrasse 58
39021 Latsch

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