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Enjoying on Vacation: South Tyrolean Beer

It is well known that excellent wines are produced in South Tyrol. In addition to the cultivation of wines, however, the beer culture is also maintained here, which can look back on a long tradition.

Beer breweries from South Tyrol
Beer breweries from South Tyrol

Already more than 1000 years ago, beer was produced in South Tyrol in both small and large breweries. However, for a very long time, beer was only considered a "poor people's drink", as the nobility preferred wine and mainly focused on the affairs of the winegrowers. The wine industry in South Tyrol was under special protection, while the establishment of breweries was strictly regulated. However, in the 18th century, brewing culture began to flourish, starting from the Puster Valley. Especially when the wine harvest was poor or the wine prices were very high, the breweries were able to develop relatively well. However, many were destroyed in World War I, and the brewery landscape came to an abrupt end. In addition, there was a shortage of raw materials and personnel, as many had to go to war. Today, there are some smaller breweries in South Tyrol that place a lot of emphasis on regional and high-quality raw materials.

The most famous brewery in South Tyrol is Forst in Algund, whose beer is well known far beyond the national borders. In addition, eight tavern breweries in South Tyrol produce their own beer. They have joined together to form a network with the aim of reviving traditional brewing knowledge. Each tavern brews its own beer according to special recipes and rituals. The basis for the excellent brewing art is the South Tyrolean spring water, which has excellent drinking water quality. And what all the beers have in common: They are natural and unfiltered, preserving flavors, ferments, and vitamins that give the beer its unique character. For example, in Bruneck at Rienzbräu, wheat and black beer, as well as the light "Julchen" beer, are brewed, while at the Batzen Bräu brewery in Bozen, Batzen Weisse or special and seasonal beers are produced. The breweries are well distributed across South Tyrol, so beer lovers can fully enjoy the landscape.

Here is a detailed overview of the South Tyrolean inn breweries:

Brauhaus Brückenwirt
Breitebnerstr. 2
39015 St. Leonhard in Passeier

Brauhotel Martinerhof
Jaufenstr. 15
39010 St. Martin in Passeier

Pfefferlechner Hausbrauerei
St. Martinerstr. 4
39011 Lana

Batzenhäusl – Batzenbräu
A. Hoferstr. 30
39100 Bozen

Hopfen & Co
Obstplatz 17
39100 Bozen
Braukeller Gasslbräu
Gerbergasse 18
39043 Klausen

Stegenerstr. 8
39031 Bruneck

Sackweg 1
39045 Franzensfeste

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