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The best distillers in South Tyrol

After a hearty meal or with a traditional platter of cold cuts or on an evening of Törggelen, a high-quality schnapps from a distillery in South Tyrol goes wonderfully.

House distillery
House distillery

The South Tyrolean fruit brandies with an alcohol content of 37.5% - 45% are mostly made from pears, apples, cherries, plums or apricots. The typical farmer's schnapps can also contain 50% alcohol. Did you know that "Grappa" is the Italian term for "schnapps"?

Recommended providers

St. Urban Distillery

St. Urban DistillerySomething special awaits you with our noble brandies: a wealth of aromas and scents will overwhelm you - a complete fruit experience for every connoisseur!
Opening hours farm shop: MON - FRI 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
SAT 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

St. Urban Distillery
Lammweg 13
I - 39057 Girlan / South Tyrol
Tel. +39 339 1211328

Roner AG Distilleries

Roner AG DistilleriesThe full-bodied taste of the fruit in all its facets shapes the history of the company. For over 60 years, the Roner family has been dedicated to the ancient and refined art of distillation. Three generations pursuing a common goal: to capture the countless scents and aromas of the pomace and fruit with the secrets of the art of distillation, to enable moments of pure enjoyment.

Roner AG Distilleries
Josef - von - Zallingerstrasse 44
I-39040 Tramin
Tel. +39 0471864000

Alfons Walcher K.G. Estate Distillery

Alfons Walcher Estate DistilleryFor more than 50 years, we have been distilling fine, enjoyable brandies from South Tyrol's finest fruits, some of them also in organic quality.

Alfons Walcher K.G. Estate Distillery
Pillhofstr. 99
I-39057 EPPAN (BZ)
Tel: +39 0471631145

Private Distillery Unterthurner

Private Distillery UnterthurnerThe Private Distillery Unterthurner is one of the oldest distilleries in South Tyrol and has earned an excellent reputation through constant pursuit of product variety and innovation. The family business in the historic "Priami" residence knows how to harmoniously combine the flair of Anno 1424 with the demands of today's gourmets.

Private Distillery Unterthurner GmbH
A.-Pattis-Str. 14
I-39020 Marling

Ortler Distillery

Ortler DistilleryThe Ortler Distillery was founded in 2011 by Alexander Ortler on the parental farm in Eppan and is nestled in vineyards and orchards directly on the South Tyrolean Wine Road, one of the best wine-growing areas in Italy. For the fruit brandies, we use only single-varietal and regional top-quality fruit, sun-ripened, hand-picked and cleaned.

Ortler Distillery
Kreuzweg 9/b
I-39057 Eppan an der Weinstraße
Tel: +39 335 105 1014

Wezl Distillery

Wezl DistilleryNoble distillery in Riffian, we produce single-variety grappas and fruit distillates. Multiple times awarded with gold, silver and bronze at the Destillata.

Wezl Distillery
Jaufenstrasse 37
I-39010 Riffian (BZ)
Tel: +39 0473 24 10 75

ZU PLUN Distillery

ZU PLUNIn a very old farmhouse built in the 15th century with a view of the Schlern, Florian Rabanser produces his schnapps and rum with great passion. The diversity of aromas of nature can be tasted in each of his products.

Florian Rabanser
St. Valentin Straße 9
I-39040 St. Valentin-Seis
Tel: +39 335 60 095 567

Hotel of the
Hotel Plunhof

★★★★sAlto Adige

Hotel Plunhof
  • most family-friendly wellness hotel
  • enjoy the winter landscape
  • cross-country skiing paradise
  • Spa Minera Acqua Minera
  • spicy wines
  • be active together

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