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The mountain pine in the Sarn Valley

In the Sarntal, people have always lived in close connection and in harmony with nature. The seclusion of the valley, which for centuries, especially during the winter months, was very difficult to access, made it necessary to adapt to the rules of nature and at the same time to utilize the gifts it offers to humans.

The mountain pine in the Sarntal
The mountain pine in the Sarntal

The seclusion of the Sarntal is also responsible for the fact that a rich treasure of traditions and ancient knowledge about the benefits and effectiveness of plants has been preserved here, which has long been lost elsewhere in the stream of modern times. A plant that thrives wonderfully in the Sarntal and is characterized by an extremely diverse spectrum of positive properties and healing powers is the mountain pine.

It grows in the mountain regions at the tree line and emits a very characteristic, resinous and eucalyptus-like scent, which we know from various cosmetic products such as bath additives or sauna and massage oils. In colloquial language, it is also aptly called "mountain blessing," and it is one of the oldest medicinally used plants. The Celts already knew that the oil obtained from the pine has a invigorating effect, helps against many ailments, and provides strength, and the mountain farmers also considered the mountain pine as a "panacea."

Meanwhile, the healing effects of the mountain pine have been thoroughly researched and scientifically recognized: the mountain pine primarily has expectorant and antispasmodic effects, and the mountain pine oil is proven to be antibacterial, stimulates circulation, and promotes skin circulation. Consequently, its areas of application include all types of respiratory diseases, muscle tension and hardening, and skincare. It can also be used as a supportive treatment for rheumatic diseases. As a scent and aroma oil, the mountain pine has an extremely soothing and invigorating effect. Even in gourmet cuisine, the mountain pine has made its way and is used, for example, for pesto.

The oil of the mountain pine is obtained in the distillery by steam distillation from the needles. It takes about 200 - 300 kg of needles to produce 1 liter of pure, essential oil. Mountain pine oil is a pure, high-quality natural product! In the Sarntal, as well as in the Pustertal, there are several distilleries that produce the oil and a wide range of skincare products. The range includes shower gel, sports and foot creams, and body oil. The Sarntal wellness hotels naturally offer their guests a range of wellness treatments with mountain pine products.

Bäuerin Gretl A tip from the farmer Gretl, who runs a farm with her family in Tyrol.

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