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Travel guide for South Tyrol and Tyrol

Learn more about what to consider when traveling to South Tyrol and Tyrol. Starting with tips for the car journey, advice on traveling with children, to checklists for safety in the mountains, here you will find all the important information.

City Museum Bruneck
Gerd Fahrenhorst - CC BY 4.0
Impressive architecture amidst the mountain world

South Tyrol is not only a paradise for mountain enthusiasts, but also for lovers of architecture. Here you will find numerous exceptional buildings that perfectly blend into the fascinating mountain landscape.

Völser Weiher
Foto: Ladislav Luppa - CC BY-SA 3.0
On the trail of great cultural creators

In South Tyrol, one can find numerous places that have inspired famous personalities, whether it be a refreshing waterfall or an unforgettable view. Below, we present some of these places so that you too can feel the special energy emanating from such places.

Pleasure Restaurants
Holiday in South Tyrol: A Travel Etiquette Guide

Other countries, other customs. This applies to every stay in a foreign country – including South Tyrol. We have summarized the do‘s and don‘ts for your next South Tyrol vacation below.

Kloster Neustift
Modern architecture meets centuries-old tradition - South Tyrol

South Tyrol is characterized by impressive mountains, ancient castles and forts, as well as quaint farmhouses. Is there even room for modern architecture? We say yes and present you with some very successful examples below.

Platt im Passeiertal (1140m)
Mystical Paths on a South Tyrol Vacation: Hike to the Glacier Mills of Platt

In the rear Passeier valley, numerous impressive natural spectacles can be found, including the glacier mills in Platt, which were discovered by chance.

Bar Kristi in Sterzing: A warm paradise for vacationers and connoisseurs

“Welcome to the Bar Kristi in Sterzing, where vacationers and locals alike feel at home. Under the warm leadership of Kristi, an atmosphere full of joie de vivre and hospitality awaits you. Discover our diverse selection of wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes, as well as creative cocktails in a welcoming, rustic-modern setting. Whether on the sunny terrace or in the cozy interior – enjoy relaxed moments with us, from morning coffee to evening drinks with music. Bar Kristi is your perfect place for unforgettable holiday experiences in Sterzing.“

Skier sign
Winter vacation in South Tyrol: New ski rules for this season

Anyone who has planned a skiing holiday in South Tyrol for the winter season 2023/24 should definitely be aware of the skiing rules.

Magical Places in South Tyrol: The Malles Sun Labyrinth

A still relatively young place of power in South Tyrol is the Sun Labyrinth on the so-called Malser Hoache, which was built in 2010.

Traffic Rules for a Tyrol Vacation: An Overview of the Most Important Regulations

The Tyrolean Road Act sets out the regulations for road users. To ensure you are safe and informed while on vacation, we have compiled the most important ones for you below.

Hotel of the
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Traffic Rules in South Tyrol - Safe Travels

Anyone traveling by car during their vacation in South Tyrol should take a look at the traffic regulations in advance. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

Four-legged friends welcome: Holiday with a dog in South Tyrol

Do you want to travel with your dog? In South Tyrol, numerous dog-friendly hotels, guesthouses, and farms invite you to an unforgettable vacation in a dreamlike nature.

Bus trips to South Tyrol
Package of measures for a

South Tyrol is to become a showcase region for environmentally conscious accessibility and mobility. The measures for this were recently presented by IDM, HGV, the Chamber of Commerce, and the country.

Winter in Pitztal
Winter Hiking in Tyrol: A Selection of Routes for the Pitztal

The winter months in Pitztal are not only a highlight for snowboarders and skiers, but also for winter hiking one can immerse into fascinating snowy landscapes and enjoy the calming silence. We present you some selected routes below.

Plansee in Tyrol
Foto: Karl Winkler (Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0
Popular travel destinations in Tyrol - Austria

Tyrol is an extremely popular holiday destination all year round. Due to the well-developed infrastructure, there are ideal conditions for relaxing days with the whole family.

South Tyrol Balance
Popular travel destinations in South Tyrol

Here you will find an overview of the most popular travel destinations in South Tyrol.

Local tax and tips in Tyrol
Fees, Organizational Matters, and Opening Hours in Tyrol

Additional costs and open doors - In the popular tourist regions of Tyrol, the collection of a local tax is common.

Map of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino
Public Domain
Fees, Organizational Matters, and Opening Hours in South Tyrol

What additionally comes on the bill during vacation and when the doors are opened

Highway tolls and penalties
Highway fees and fines - Speeding in Tyrol

Traveling by your own car brings a lot of comfort. You avoid waiting times and transferring, you don‘t have to pay so much attention to weight when packing as if you had to carry everything yourself, and of course, you have the freedom to plan the route according to your own needs.

Highway tolls - Penalties
On the way on the fast connections to South Tyrol - Highway tolls - Fines

(As of: March 13, 2024) One likes to rely on the comfort of one‘s own car on vacation. At home, it stands at the door and patiently swallows all the luggage you want to take along. One does not even have to worry about exactly timed departure times – you are the master or mistress of your own schedule and can independently decide on rest breaks.

How you can inspire children to enjoy hiking
How you can introduce children to the joy of hiking

Hiking is the miller‘s delight – but not always that of the children.

Safety While Hiking - Tips for a Safe Hiking Trip

Whether mountain or valley – a hike in Tyrol and South Tyrol always needs to be well prepared.

Travel Preparations Tyrol
Travel Preparations TyrolBefore Departure - Tips for Packing Your Suitcase

Unfortunately, the endlessly refillable suitcase has not yet been invented.

Winter equipment for the car
Winter Equipment for the Car - When the Snow Falls

When the days become shorter and the thermometer is more reluctant to move into higher ranges, the signs can no longer be denied – winter is coming with cool steps.

Driving in winter
Driving in winter - The Snow King in the rearview mirror

Winter is the time for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and tobogganing. Tyrol and South Tyrol play their best cards here.

Traveling with children
Traveling with Children - Little People on a Big Journey

“When will we finally get there?” – Those who travel with children will probably know this question better than they might want to. Boredom and being strapped to a seat is not the ideal notion of a vacation for children.

Travel pharmacy for children
Travel Pharmacy for Children

Have the most important remedies in your own luggage

Heat in the car
Heat in the Car - When the Holiday Drive Turns into a Battle Against the Heat

When the summer sun is beating down, the holiday car trip to Tyrol or South Tyrol can quickly become a sweaty ordeal.

Travel preparations South Tyrol
Travel Preparations South Tyrol - Before Departure - What do I pack in my suitcase?

At the beginning of every trip there is always the big question: What do I take with me and what spends my vacation at home in the closet?

Checklist for rental cars
Checklist for Rental Cars

The advantages of mobile independence on vacation are obvious.

Caution with hotel reviews
Caution with hotel reviews - When honesty also takes a vacation

In Tyrol and South Tyrol as well, it has become a habit: The first step of vacation planning is nowadays increasingly done via the internet.

What to do in case of hotel deficiencies? Paradise is far away.

Now and then it can happen – you have booked your vacation in Tyrol or South Tyrol and are looking forward to a good dose of carefree relaxation, but the conditions on site spoil your plans – unfortunately, the bill has already been paid.

Culinary Excellence in South Tyrol: An Overview of the Starred Restaurants and Toque Cuisine 2023/2024

This article provides a comprehensive overview of South Tyrol‘s high-end culinary scene in the years 2023/2024, underscored by the latest ratings from esteemed gourmet guides such as the Michelin Guide and Gault Millau. It presents the outstanding Michelin-starred restaurants and the hood-awarded establishments that affirm South Tyrol‘s reputation as a prime destination for gourmets and connoisseurs in Europe.

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