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Tradition, nature and pleasure in the Alps

Experience South Tyrol

South Tyrol is a region of unparalleled beauty and diversity. Majestic alpine mountain formations blend here with Mediterranean vineyards. The country is famous beyond its borders for its excellent products such as apples, wine, and bacon, which, thanks to the mild climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year and the long-standing experience of the farmers, have exceptional quality.

South Tyrol also offers a unique living space, which is one of the most sought after in all of Europe. Here, tradition and innovation merge, and the people and their culture shape the country in their unique way. The regional linguistic diversity with German, Italian, and Ladin reflects this cultural diversity. The geographical location between Tyrol in the north and Trentino in the south, as well as the successful fusion of southern serenity with rural down-to-earthness, create fascinating contrasts.

Dolomites - Sella Pass (2121m) with the Cir Peaks (2591m)
Dolomites - Sella Pass (2121m) with the Cir Peaks (2591m)
Stettiner Hut, Meran High Route, South Tyrol
Stettiner Hut, Meran High Route, South Tyrol
Fun in nature
Fun in nature
Fanes Nature Park
Fanes Nature Park - Holger Mohaupt - CC BY-SA 3.0
Wine road
Wine road
Cross-country skiing paradise South Tyrol
Cross-country skiing paradise South Tyrol
St. Zyprian in winter
St. Zyprian in winter
Skiing in South Tyrol
Skiing in South Tyrol
Winter - Fischer Sports

The scenic beauty of South Tyrol is truly unique. From the majestic glaciers along the main Alpine ridge to the imposing Ortler group and the gentle hills in the south of the region, there is a diverse natural backdrop. Here you will also find the historically significant cultural region of Vinschgau with the charming spa town of Merano, the historically rich pleasure region of Eisacktal, as well as the dynamic sports centers of Pustertal and Tauferer Ahrntal. The vibrant capital city of Bolzano is just as much a highlight as the breathtaking "pale mountains" in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. This holiday region entices with a fascinating variety that enchants everyone.

The region also offers a wealth of events and festivals, ranging from sports events to culinary festivals. Discover the fascinating world of this unique region and get to know all its facets!

South Tyrol means Vacation on the Sunny Side

Previously, it was mainly the spa resorts and the mild climate that attracted guests from near and far to the southern part of Tyrol. Today, guests come especially because of the intact and magnificent natural landscape, the fresh air, the huge leisure, sports, and wellness offerings, as well as the numerous sights. Many also appreciate the cultural traditions and the local cuisine.

When tourism in South Tyrol emerged, regional cuisine experienced a renaissance. This was particularly evident in the popular "Törggelen" and later in the "Specialty Weeks," which introduced guests to local culinary specialties. Traditional Tyrolean cuisine was refreshed through modern preparation methods and the influence of Italian cuisine, adapted to contemporary tastes.

The hotel and gastronomy in South Tyrol are just as diverse and impressive as the nature and culture of the region itself. Amidst the breathtaking mountain scenery, you will find a wide range of accommodations, ranging from traditional mountain huts to luxurious wellness resorts. The region, like North Tyrol, is a leader in terms of hospitality. A guest in a wellness hotel literally feels like "God in France"!

Over 4,000 hospitality establishments are dedicated to the well-being of their guests. In the annual ratings, hotels in South Tyrol regularly rank at the top, as the latest hotel reviews impressively confirm. Numerous establishments have received awards as "Top Hotels," almost as many as in the rest of Italy combined. Only the incredible density of quality can compete with the northern neighbor and tourism world champion Tyrol.

Here you will enjoy a holiday as it should be, and one that you will remember for a long time to come! Some of the most famous holiday resorts include: Dorf Tirol and Schenna near Merano, as well as Ratschings and Ridnaun near Sterzing.

Guest opinion from Christian:

"I am a mountaineer, and every year I visit South Tyrol several times to pursue my passion for mountaineering. I love to cool off in a crystal-clear mountain lake after a strenuous tour and enjoy the breathtaking nature. The cuisine in the South Tyrolean huts is incomparable, you can literally taste that you are in Italy. Where else can you get a good cappuccino at 3,000m? In winter, I travel to the country for ski tours and snowshoe hikes when there is good snow. And after a day in the cold, there is nothing better for me than to relax in the hotel sauna and look forward to the multi-course dinner!"
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Vacation in South Tyrol

South Tyrol's impressive natural diversity offers perfect conditions for a wide range of holiday activities that cater to every preference. Vacationers can experience the best of each season. Whether you want to hike in spring, climb in summer, ski in winter, or admire the colors of nature in autumn, each season has its own enchanting charm. There is always something to discover and experience here.

Summer Holiday in South Tyrol

In the warmer months, hiking, cycling, and mountain biking are particularly popular, as well as mountain climbing and climbing. You can find refreshment by swimming in the crystal-clear alpine lakes. In addition, adventurous trend sports such as canyoning, rafting, and paragliding, which provide thrills, are also enticing. A summer vacation in South Tyrol promises to be an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time.

For the days when the weather doesn't cooperate, visits to spas, mines, or museums are a great option - the selection in South Tyrol is large and varied. In addition, you can take advantage of a wealth of other excursion options for families. For example, you can discover the rich cultural history of the country by visiting castles, palaces, churches, or monasteries.

At Lake Prags (1496 m) with Mount Seekofel (2810m)
At Lake Prags (1496 m) with Mount Seekofel (2810m)

Winter Holiday in South Tyrol

For the winter vacation, South Tyrol offers a true paradise for sun lovers and passionate winter sports fans alike. The winter sports offerings are impressive, and the untouched natural landscape blends perfectly with modern winter sports areas!

Here you will find numerous premium ski resorts with guaranteed snow enjoyment due to the high altitude. For the sporty, there is a wide selection of ski or snowshoe tours of various difficulty levels, an extensive network of winter hiking trails, and of course many cross-country ski trails. Whether you are an enthusiastic winter sports enthusiast who wants to enjoy the winter nature to the fullest or simply experience the romantic atmosphere of winter, the country has something to offer for every taste. Book your hotel in South Tyrol today!

Culture and Events

South Tyrol presents a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year, ranging from cultural highlights to traditional festivals to sports competitions. Each of these events has its own unique charm and offers an excellent opportunity to experience the diversity and joy of life in the South Tyrol region up close.

Some of the most well-known events include:

  • Merano Music Weeks (August / September): This renowned music event offers a wide range of classical music.
  • World Cup Skiing in Val Gardena (December): Val Gardena is the venue for exciting World Cup ski races. Here, the best skiers in the world come together.
  • Brixen Craft Beer Festival: This festival celebrates the emerging craft beer scene.
  • “Lana in Bloom” (April): When spring arrives, Lana transforms into a flower paradise. The flower festival celebrates this with markets and culinary delights.
  • South Tyrol Jazz Festival (June / July): This festival brings international jazz artists to the country.
  • Film Festival Bolzano (April): This festival attracts filmmakers and cinephiles.
  • Törggelen (October / November): Törggelen is an autumn festival that focuses on young wine and specialty tastings.
  • Star Festival in Gummer (December): The Star Festival is a traditional Christmas festival where villagers light candles in their windows and illuminate the streets with lanterns.
  • Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride (May): There are knightly games, tournaments, and a colorful supporting program.
  • South Tyrolean Christmas Markets (November - December): The Christmas markets in cities like Bolzano, Merano, and Brixen are famous for their festive atmosphere, craftsmanship, mulled wine, and regional delicacies.

Regardless of which event you are interested in, the event calendar has something to offer for everyone. Discover the highlights of this diverse event landscape and let yourself be enchanted!

Pleasure and Culinary Art

The South Tyrolean cuisine offers numerous delicious regional delicacies and benefits from a unique blend of alpine and Mediterranean influences. One of the cornerstones of this cuisine is "speck," an air-dried and smoked ham that is one of the most famous delicacies of the region. In addition to speck, cheese products of outstanding quality are also produced. The South Tyrolean cheese varieties are not only delicious but also reflect the long tradition of alpine farming in the South Tyrolean mountains. Alpine farming, where herds graze on lush mountain meadows in the summer, has a long tradition. This practice also contributes to the preservation of the natural landscape!

Another culinary highlight is the fresh mountain herbs and berries that thrive in the alpine environment. These are often used in traditional cuisine to refine dishes and give them a special touch.

Other characteristic culinary specialties include dishes such as dumplings, hearty barley soup, "Schlutzkrapfen" (filled pasta pockets), airy-crispy "Strauben," hearty "Tirteln" (flatbreads), and lavish cold cuts. In addition, various types of bread, such as the famous "Vinschgauer" or the crispy "Schüttelbrot," play a significant role.

South Tyrolean delicacies are often served in a cozy setting as "Marende" and are particularly delicious in combination with excellent wines from the region.

In the numerous international awards that restaurants in the region regularly receive, the excellent quality of the gastronomy is evident. The basis for this is the many regional products and specialties of agriculture, which are produced in a natural way according to the highest quality standards.

Wine also stands for exquisite enjoyment: South Tyrol's winemakers are known for their passion and dedication to winemaking. They rely on traditional and modern techniques to produce high-quality wines. The result is wines that are not only recognized nationally but also internationally. Many South Tyrolean wines are regularly awarded internationally!

Profile South Tyrol

The most important information at a glance

  • Northernmost province of Italy (7,400 km²) and part of the autonomous region of Trentino-South Tyrol, capital: Bolzano
  • Approximately half a million inhabitants
  • Shared history with Austria until 1918
  • Extended autonomy since 1972
  • Linguistic and cultural diversity in the population:
    approximately 62% German-speaking, 23% Italian-speaking, and around 4% Ladin-speaking inhabitants

Geography and Climate

  • Different types of rock: Dolomite, mica schist, gneiss, marble.
  • Protection of geological natural monuments: Bletterbach Gorge, Ritten Earth Pyramids
  • 13 mountain groups, including the Dolomites
  • Main valleys: Adige Valley, Eisack Valley, and Puster Valley
  • 34% of the total area is alpine areas
  • 64.5% of the area is above 1500 meters, 14% below 1000 meters
  • Rich in rivers, including the Adige, Eisack, and Rienz
  • 176 natural lakes
  • Hydrological natural monuments, including waterfalls, moors, glaciers, and mountain lakes
  • Continental climate, mild in lower areas
  • Protection from cold and humidity by mountain ranges
  • High sunshine duration of 55-60%
  • Climate varies by region, orientation, altitude

Flora and Fauna

  • 2500 species of ferns and flowering plants
  • One-fifth of European flora on only 0.07% of the continent's area
  • Many natural monuments, including the Ultner Urlärchen and the Versoaln vine in Prissian
  • 460 species of vertebrates, 350 species of birds
  • 60 to 80 native mammal species
  • Return of brown bears and wolves in the 2000s

Large Nature Reserves

  • Stelvio Pass
  • Texel Group
  • Rieserferner-Ahrn
  • Fanes-Sennes-Prags
  • Three Peaks
  • Puez-Geisler
  • Sciliar-Rosengarten
  • Trudner Horn

Transport and Traffic

  • Bozen Airport for scheduled and charter flights
  • Over 5000 km of road network
  • Brenner Motorway A22 as the main connection
  • Seven alpine passes over 2000 m in height
  • Well-developed network of cycling routes
  • South Tyrol Transport Association combines public local and regional transport
  • Buses, regional trains, cable cars, and trains in the network
  • "South Tyrol Clock" with half-hourly and hourly connections

Book your holiday in the land of enjoyment south of the Alps now.

Guest opinion from Patrizia

"The sunny climate and picturesque landscape have absolutely captivated me. Every time I visit this wonderful area, I immediately feel relaxed and refreshed. The combination of blue skies and breathtaking natural scenery is unbeatable. It's as if every visit deepens my love for South Tyrol even more. I always feel welcome and appreciated, whether in the cozy inns or simply in interaction with the locals. This warm atmosphere and inviting culture have won over my heart. I am already looking forward to my next vacation in the South Tyrol region!"

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South Tyrol and Tyrol are divided into several vacation regions, each of which is characterized by its own individual charm.


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City Museum Bruneck
Gerd Fahrenhorst - CC BY 4.0
Impressive architecture amidst the mountain world

South Tyrol is not only a paradise for mountain enthusiasts, but also for lovers of architecture. Here you will find numerous exceptional buildings that perfectly blend into the fascinating mountain landscape.

Adventure Travel in Tyrol: Pure Adrenaline with Caving in Imst

A brand new travel trend is the so-called Adventure Travelling, where adventurers and the brave can fully enjoy themselves. One can look forward to thrills and dark passages, for example, when caving in the popular outdoor region of Imst, where one can get to know the mountain world in a completely different way.

Völser Weiher
Foto: Ladislav Luppa - CC BY-SA 3.0
On the trail of great cultural creators

In South Tyrol, one can find numerous places that have inspired famous personalities, whether it be a refreshing waterfall or an unforgettable view. Below, we present some of these places so that you too can feel the special energy emanating from such places.

Book Tips: Reading Material for Your Next Stay

Is it still a while until your next vacation in South Tyrol and would you like to find out about the country, its people and sights or just be entertained? Below we present some books that can shorten your waiting time a bit.

Relaxation on Vacation: Yoga Retreats in South Tyrol

Discover Yoga retreats in South Tyrol, where body, mind, and soul are harmoniously united amidst the Alps. Enjoy soothing yoga practices, relaxing meditations, and inspiring philosophies. Recharge your energy and find inner peace in the breathtaking nature. Let yourself be inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and experience an unforgettable break from everyday life.

jannik sinner
si.robi - Sinner MCM23 (8) - CC BY-SA 2.0 -
Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner has established himself as one of the most promising young tennis players. With his victory at the Australian Open and his upcoming position as number 1 in the world rankings, the South Tyrolean tennis star has achieved impressive successes. He impresses with powerful groundstrokes and remarkable agility. Despite his rapid rise, Sinner remains down-to-earth and focused. Learn more about his journey to the top of tennis.

shutterstock - shutterstock
Selected insider tips for your vacation in South Tyrol

Admittedly: It is not easy to decide which places and locations one should visit during a vacation in South Tyrol, as the selection of sights is very large. This time we have opted for some insider tips that are not so well-known, but still fantastically beautiful.

Pleasure Restaurants
Holiday in South Tyrol: A Travel Etiquette Guide

Other countries, other customs. This applies to every stay in a foreign country – including South Tyrol. We have summarized the do‘s and don‘ts for your next South Tyrol vacation below.

beautiful view in the via ferrata
(c) Martin from Tyrol (solarthermienator) - CC BY-SA 2.0
Ten selected highlights in South Tyrol

South Tyrol has a lot to offer its guests in terms of landscape, culture, and cuisine. We have selected ten highlights for you that you should not miss during your vacation in South Tyrol.

Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort
© Hotel
Innovations in Hospitality: Exceptional Accommodations in South Tyrol

Are you still looking for an insider tip for an unusual accommodation in South Tyrol? Below we present some extraordinary overnight accommodation options.

Highway tolls - Penalties
On the way on the fast connections to South Tyrol - Highway tolls - Fines

(As of: March 13, 2024) One likes to rely on the comfort of one‘s own car on vacation. At home, it stands at the door and patiently swallows all the luggage you want to take along. One does not even have to worry about exactly timed departure times – you are the master or mistress of your own schedule and can independently decide on rest breaks.

Why does South Tyrol belong to Italy?
Why does South Tyrol belong to Italy?

Occasionally, one or another South Tyrol vacationer may wonder why a region with a predominantly German-speaking population belongs to Italy.


Rönnhof – Chalet Cogolara
Icon Vacation apartment Icon Family Hotel Icon Hiking Hotel Icon Mountainbike Hotel Icon Ski Hotel

★★★★ Corvara

Rönnhof – Chalet Cogolara

Luxury apartments in South Tyrol! The Chalet Cogolara is located in Colfosco in peaceful setting at the foot of the Puez-Odle/Geisler nature park, in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
SomVita Suites
Icon Wellness Hotel Icon Design Hotel Icon Wine Hotel Icon Boutique Hotel

★★★★s Tirolo

SomVita Suites

SomVita – the feeling of pure relaxation.
ABINEA Dolomiti Romantic SPA Hotel
Icon Wellness Hotel Icon Hiking Hotel Icon Mountainbike Hotel Icon Ski Hotel Icon Hotels for Lovers

★★★★s Castelrotto

ABINEA Dolomiti Romantic SPA Hotel

Dolomites hotel Val Gardena e Castelrotto hotel Alpe di Siusi ... in the ABINEA Dolomiti Romantic SPA Hotel in Castelrotto - Alpe di Siusi
Viel Nois Guest House
Icon Hiking Hotel Icon Mountainbike Hotel

★★★★ Funes

Viel Nois Guest House

If you ask South Tyrolean people “What‘s new?”, a common answer is “viel nois”, meaning “lots of good news” to describe some particularly joyful and exciting experiences. And this is where our story begins.
Vitalhotel Taubers Unterwirt
Icon Wellness Hotel Icon Hiking Hotel Icon Mountainbike Hotel Icon Hotels for Lovers Icon Gourmet Hotel

★★★★ Velturno

Vitalhotel Taubers Unterwirt

Wellness, hiking and biking at Vitalpina Hotel Taubers Unterwirt We at Taubers Unterwirt have fully dedicated ourselves to the Vitalpina-philosophy with calming wellness offers, an attentive diet and stimulating exercise activities all year long
Hotel Plunhof
Icon Wellness Hotel Icon Hiking Hotel Icon Ski Hotel Icon Gourmet Hotel Icon Luxury Hotel

★★★★s Ridanna

Hotel Plunhof

The 4-star superior wellness hotel Plunhof is wonderfully quiet, surrounded by meadows on the outskirts of Ridnaun in South Tyrol. The Spa Minera wellness area is unique in the Alpine region. It is a journey back in time to the mining world Salt water outdoor pool - tunnel sauna - event sauna ....