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On the way on the fast connections to South Tyrol - Highway tolls - Fines

(As of: March 13, 2024) One likes to rely on the comfort of one's own car on vacation. At home, it stands at the door and patiently swallows all the luggage you want to take along. One does not even have to worry about exactly timed departure times – you are the master or mistress of your own schedule and can independently decide on rest breaks.

Highway tolls - Penalties
Highway tolls - Penalties

When you want, where you want, for as long as you want. But despite all the carefreeness, there is also something very fundamental to consider: the road comes with additional costs, because motorways in South Tyrol are all subject to tolls.

At the motorway entrance, you can already see them from a distance – the toll stations, where smaller to larger buzzing queues form during peak times.
The toll fee in South Tyrol is distance-based. This means that the longer the distance, the higher the number that ultimately appears on the bill. When entering the motorway, you take a ticket (usually there is a device with a red button for this) and make sure to keep it carefully. Because when you exit, you need to present this ticket again, as it reveals how long you have been on the toll road. If the ticket is lost or you cannot present it anymore, a fine will be imposed. Additionally, you will also have to pay the toll fee from the farthest entrance.

Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, or with the "VIAcard", a prepaid card in the format of a bank card that you can top up before your trip. With the "Telepass" from tolltickets, you can also drive cashless past the traffic jam – a carried On-Board unit transmits your entry and exit data, and the corresponding amount is debited from your bank account or credit card. This way, you can avoid waiting at the toll stations by using the special automated clearance lanes.

Separate toll routes

In addition to the distance-based toll, there are also routes that require a separate toll:

The Brenner Motorway (A13) was one of the first mountain motorways in the world and winds through both Austria and Italy. In Austria, a single trip on the Brenner Motorway costs travelers a toll fee of 16 EUR, for two trips a total fee of 28 EUR. Those who choose this route more often in a year can get a yearly pass for 122 EUR. For the Austrian part of the Brenner Motorway, you do not need the otherwise obligatory motorway vignette – the fee is collected separately here. The toll can also be purchased online in advance, with the advantage that your license plate is then registered and automatically recognized. At the toll stations, you can then use the green-marked lane for the Digital Toll. There are no stations for card or cash payment on these lanes and therefore they can only be used by cars that have previously registered for the Digital Toll.

Also pay attention to the connecting routes of other motorways, as the general vignette is required here. In Italy, the amount of the toll fee, however, depends on the distance traveled. You can calculate your fee for the planned route in advance here.

For the Stelvio Pass High Alpine Road, a special toll of 10 EUR (car and motorcycle) is due between the end of Trafoi and the Stelvio Pass, which is valid for one week from punching.

The Timmelsjoch is one of the roads that require a usage fee. For cars, the one-way journey costs 19 EUR. Round trip is 26 EUR and a season pass costs 85 EUR. The season pass for motorcycles also costs 85 EUR, while the one-way trip costs 17 EUR and 23 EUR for round trip.


Speed limits, motorway bans, and general fines

The following permissible maximum speeds apply to drivers of motor vehicles in South Tyrol:

Built-up areas: 50 km/h
Open country: 90 km/h

Expressway: 110 km/h
Motorway: 130 km/h

However, the Brenner Motorway has a speed limit of 110 km/h.

In case of rain and snowfall , different regulations apply: 100 km/h on the motorway and 90 km/h on expressways, 50 km/h in fog. Also, novice drivers and persons under 21 years of age must adhere to special regulations – motorway: 100 km/h, expressway: 90 km/h.
Trailers are not allowed to be towed on motorways at speeds exceeding 80 km/h and must have appropriate markings on the rear. In addition, motorcycles with less than 150 cc are not allowed to enter the motorway.

Speeding violations are particularly expensive in Italy. Exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h will result in a fine starting from 175 EUR, while exceeding the limit by more than 50 km/h will result in a minimum fine of 545 EUR.

In Italy, there is a 0.5 per mille limit. A violation in this case is also very expensive – with a minimum fine starting from 545 EUR. Between 10:00 PM and 07:00 AM, penalties are generally set one-third higher. With more than 1.5 per mille, there is a possibility that the vehicle will be confiscated and auctioned off.

Novice drivers, who have not had their driving license for three years, are not even allowed to take a sip of alcohol – for them, the limit is 0.0 per mille.

Talking on the phone while driving is only allowed with a hands-free system. For the first offense, fines ranging from 422 to 1697 euros are possible. The driver's license can be revoked for up to two months after the first offense.

Outside built-up areas, all motor vehicles must also drive with lights on during the day. Violation will result in a fine starting from 40 EUR.

As you can see, South Tyrol takes the law very seriously, and a violation can easily take up a large part of your holiday budget. So it's better not to risk any additional costs and arrive a little later – after all, time plays only a very small supporting role on vacation.

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