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Relaxation on Vacation: Yoga Retreats in South Tyrol

Discover Yoga retreats in South Tyrol, where body, mind, and soul are harmoniously united amidst the Alps. Enjoy soothing yoga practices, relaxing meditations, and inspiring philosophies. Recharge your energy and find inner peace in the breathtaking nature. Let yourself be inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and experience an unforgettable break from everyday life.


Relaxation on Vacation: Yoga Retreats in South Tyrol

A retreat is about consciously taking a break to recharge your energy. Yoga retreats are very popular and are also offered by various hotels in South Tyrol.

In Europe, yoga is considered a relatively young trend, but it has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. Over the millennia, it has developed its own philosophy. In South Tyrol, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the impressive practice of yoga and be inspired by the ancient Indian wisdom through various retreats.

Completely Relaxed

A perfect place to bring body, mind, and soul back into harmony is, for example, the Hotel Schwarzschmied. Here, as part of a yoga retreat, you can explore the individual aspects of the physical as well as the subtle body. In this way, it is possible to develop a very deep understanding of human existence. In the retreat, various yoga practices, such as Asana or Yin Yoga, are practiced both in the morning and in the evening, and the healing stay is rounded off with Pranayama or the singing of mantras.

Find New Strength

Regular yoga weeks also take place at the Yoga-Hotel Tratterhof. These retreats impart valuable aspects to interested parties, such as how to sustainably cope with stress and lead a more conscious life. In the midst of peaceful valleys and majestic mountains, you can also become one with nature and with yourself and find your inner peace.

Yoga and Hiking

You can experience yoga in the midst of the impressive nature at the Sonnen Resort Naturns, where you can also combine your yoga retreat with unforgettable hikes in the spectacular mountain world of South Tyrol. Both yoga and hiking are a very special experience for your body and mind and are a perfect combination to regain the right balance. At the Sonnen Resort, certified yoga teachers offer Hatha Flow Yoga, where Ha symbolically stands for the sun and Tha for the moon, resulting in an ideal combination of strengthening asanas and conscious breathing.

Short Break with Great Impact

Very intensive retreats that show you completely new paths also take place at regular intervals in the Villa Verde in Merano. Here, in a small group, you will experience philosophical discussion circles, meditations, and yoga, and you will also receive helpful tips on how to live your everyday life with more relaxation and awareness. The mindful body exercises calm the mind and refine the perception, allowing you to get to know the treasures that lie dormant within you more deeply, so that you can return to your everyday life shining.

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