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Selected insider tips for your vacation in South Tyrol

Admittedly: It is not easy to decide which places and locations one should visit during a vacation in South Tyrol, as the selection of sights is very large. This time we have opted for some insider tips that are not so well-known, but still fantastically beautiful.

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If you are interested in art and gardens, you should visit the Kränzelhof in Tscherms, whose seven gardens represent a magical symbiosis of art and nature. In the approximately two-hectare garden landscape, exhibitions of international and national artists take place at regular intervals, and along the romantic paths, visitors can discover magical places time and time again. Equally worth seeing is the labyrinth, an enchanted maze with numerous hiding places for young and old.

Impressive rock formations

Have you ever heard of the Gaulschlucht? It is located at the exit of the Ultental and impresses its visitors with impressive granite or quartz porphyry rock walls, suspension bridges, and dark tunnels, making a hike an unforgettable experience. Especially in the hot season, you can enjoy the cool temperatures here and let the power of nature take effect on you. The gorge can be reached via the so-called Gaulpromenade, which is very well developed and secured with wooden bridges. During the hike, you also pass by the Braunsberg Castle, where the open-air plays Lana take place in the summer.

Exploring the Falschauerdelta

The Etschtal was formerly a swampy area with countless moors, riparian forests, and ponds, so people settled on the hills to avoid the danger of flooding. Until the mid-20th century, a large part of the Falschauerdelta was fallow land before industrialization set in. At the end of the 1970s, a part of the delta was declared a biotope, which now covers about 32 hectares and offers a retreat for various animal and plant species. How about taking a walk in the romantic Falschauer biotope in Lana to get to know the countless animals and plants?

Relaxing at the natural bathing lake

Near Aldein is the so-called Göllersee, which was formerly also known as Rotwandsee. It is located in a romantic spruce and pine forest and invites you to swim in the hot season. Among the locals, the Göllersee is a popular recreational area, as you can find a romantic spot on the lakeshore and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you like, you can also hike from the fire brigade hall in Aldein to the lake and then further to the Rotwand or to the Stallegg Castle and enjoy the fantastic panorama from there.

The life of a hermit

Migg or Franz Mich came from Atzwang, and since the family came from very poor circumstances, Franz was sent to work for a farmer in Obervöls. During the Second World War, Franz Mich emigrated to Austria, but returned to Atzwang after the war ended. However, since he did not find his parents here, he eventually ended up in the Schlern area, knowing that there was a huge boulder under which there was a cave. He set up camp in this cave and had every intention of staying there. He begged for food at the farms and was completely satisfied with his simple life as a hermit. However, in winter, he had to find another place to stay and eventually found a flat cave, also called “Goaßkirche” or “Migg-Höhle”. This can still be visited today, and during a visit, you can imagine how simply Franz Mich lived here. The cave is located between Ums and Obervöls and can be reached via a forest road. The furnishings are still in place, so it is recommended to pack a flashlight for this extraordinary experience.

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