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Holiday in South Tyrol: A Travel Etiquette Guide

Other countries, other customs. This applies to every stay in a foreign country – including South Tyrol. We have summarized the do's and don'ts for your next South Tyrol vacation below.

Pleasure Restaurants
Pleasure Restaurants
  • Ciao! This is a greeting that everyone knows and sounds very casual and friendly. However, you should only greet friends or acquaintances with it, not necessarily a salesperson in the supermarket or a waiter.
  • If you want to drink a white or red wine spritzer, but can't find it on the menu, it's good to know that in South Tyrol they are called "G'spritzter".
  • If you enjoy a coffee after a hearty meal, don't order a latte macchiato or cappuccino, but a "caffè macchiato" or an espresso.
  • The people of South Tyrol are considered very relaxed and calm. Therefore, it may happen that you have to wait a bit longer for your food. But that's no reason to panic. The people of South Tyrol like to go out to have a leisurely conversation and not to rush through their meal under time pressure.
  • The South Tyrolean dialect is quite something and you probably won't understand a word at first. How about learning some words in advance? Then you'll know what someone is talking about when they mention their "eschtngagiggile" or if a "Farzlschmecker" crosses your path.
  • Greet people on the street, even if you've never seen them in your life. This is common in South Tyrol and will surely please the locals.
  • White wine in the morning? Don't worry, many people in South Tyrol indulge in this without being considered alcoholics.
  • Be careful with the designation of locals! They are South Tyroleans, not Germans, Austrians, or Italians!
  • Of course, it's tempting to see all the ripe apples or grapes while hiking. But they belong to the farmers and are not there to be tasted.
  • Noodles are not ordered as a side dish in South Tyrol, as they are considered a main course.
  • If you have no idea which wine to order, don't show it and avoid ordering a "dry wine".
  • Never cut a dumpling with your knife, as in South Tyrol they are only eaten with a fork. If you use a knife for this, it is considered rude and the host will conclude that the South Tyrolean specialty is not soft enough.
  • Similarly to dumplings, only a fork is used to eat spaghetti in South Tyrol. This means you neither roll them up with a spoon nor cut them with a knife.
  • In South Tyrol, people greet each other with three kisses on the cheek, unlike in Italy.
  • In the fall, the so-called "Erdäpfelblattln" are often found on many menus, served with sauerkraut. These are simply eaten with the hand, placing the cabbage in the middle beforehand.
  • Do not cut off the white part of the excellent South Tyrolean bacon. If you're interested, you can also learn how to properly cut the bacon in South Tyrol: just remove the rind and enjoy the deliciousness in thin and tender strips.

With these tips in mind, your vacation in South Tyrol can only be a complete success!

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