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Find your nursery in South Tyrol here.

Discover the most beautiful plants, flowers, and finest garden design in the country.

In the greenhouse
In the greenhouse - Foto: Karin Weigel - CC BY-SA 3.0
in the nursery
in the nursery
Nursery Products
Nursery Products - Foto: Karin Weigel - CC BY-SA 3.0

These recommended providers have a deep understanding of what thrives and flourishes in the garden and home. These South Tyrolean nurseries also take care of your green spaces and support you with responsible expert advice.

Gärtnerei Schenk Florian

Gärtnerei Schenk Florian At the age of 22 (1996), Florian Schenk founded his nursery in Nals. His main goal was to always produce high-quality beautiful plants and deliver timely work. Through personal recommendations, the nursery was able to grow over the years. In 2006, Ramona Lutt joined the team and enriched the business with floristry and decoration. Thanks to well-trained employees, the horticultural business was able to continuously improve and expand in size over time. The nursery has expanded into many areas and not only produces plants but has also expanded into garden design, floristry, and decoration.

Vilpianerstraße 18/1
I - 39010 Nals
Tel: +39 0471 678 490

Baumschule R. Kaneppele & Co.

Baumschule R. Kaneppele The Kaneppele nursery in Tramin is well-known throughout the region as a large fruit tree nursery with its own plant center. There you will find a wide selection of different fruit plants, including 50 different apple varieties. The range is aimed at both hobby gardeners with small gardens and professional fruit producers. In the plant center, you will also find a wide selection of roses, ornamental shrubs, hedge plants, vegetable plants, herbs, perennials, Mediterranean plants, and much more.

Kalterermoos 2/b
I - 39052 Kaltern
Tel: +39 0471 810671

Gärtnerei Oberlechner Albert

Gärtnerei Oberlechner Albert Your experienced garden specialist, creative florist, and friendly contact for flower decorations, weddings, seasonal decorations for the home and garden. We plan and realize parks, gardens, rooftop terraces, swimming ponds, turf, and offer a complete program for the maintenance of green spaces.

Am Alping
I - 39031 Bruneck
Tel: +39 0474 550185

Gärtnerei Rottensteiner

Gärtnerei  Rottensteiner For over 25 years, the Rottensteiner team has put all its passion and creativity into the planning and execution of gardens, parks, rooftop greenery, and facade greening. At the Rottensteiner nursery, you will find a wide selection of outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, grasses, hedges, and climbing plants, as well as sample areas for your boldest garden dreams.

Perele Graben 3
I - 39100 Bozen Moritzing
Tel: +39 0471 920103

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Kastelbeller Asparagus Season
Spargelzeit Copyright:RainerSturm/pixelio
Pleasure products from South Tyrol: Terlan Asparagus
In the greenhouse
Foto: Karin Weigel - CC BY-SA 3.0
Find your nursery in South Tyrol here.
Honey harvesting
Photo by Maja Dumat - - CC BY 2.0
Honey from South Tyrol and Tyrol
Kastelbeller Asparagus Season
Spargelzeit Copyright:RainerSturm/pixelio
Castelbello Asparagus Season
South Tyrolean Apple
Photo: Viola sonans - GFDL
South Tyrolean Apple

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