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Pleasure and Culinary Delights

South Tyrol is the enjoyment region par excellence. Good food and drink are simply part of the lifestyle here. Hardly any other region in the Alpine region has such a high density of award-winning restaurants and inns. In the Gault Millau restaurant guide 2013, for example, a total of 111 toques were awarded, four restaurants received three toques and one even received the top rating of four toques. South Tyrol's gastronomy also ranks in the absolute top field in all other renowned restaurant guides. The same applies to South Tyrolean wine, which also regularly receives the highest international awards. In relation to the cultivation area, South Tyrol's winegrowers even have the most award-winning wines of all wine-growing regions in Italy.

Culture of enjoyment

Enjoying food and drink has a special significance in South Tyrol. The Mediterranean influence is also clearly evident here and, as we believe, is particularly beneficial. It is especially evident in the love of quality, in the appreciation of high-quality regional products. Slow food instead of fast food, enjoyment instead of mere satiety, that is the motto of South Tyrolean cuisine. Numerous enjoyment festivals take place throughout the year across the country and present culinary highlights on various topics.

It is part of the local food culture to set high standards even for simple dishes. So it is not only the exclusive gourmet restaurants that offer outstanding cuisine, but also the many inns, taverns, cafes, and wine taverns. This food and enjoyment culture is also evident in the typical South Tyrolean tradition of Törggelen in autumn. Young wine, hot chestnuts, bacon, smoked sausages, nuts, and donuts – that's all you need for a fantastic enjoyment experience.

Quality from the region

The basis for this is provided by a close-to-nature and resource-saving agriculture; it provides the products that are necessary for good and healthy cuisine. These high-quality foods – dairy products, meat, fruit, vegetables, wine, and much more – are the foundation on which South Tyrolean chefs create their first-class menus.

Our tip

When buying South Tyrolean products, pay attention to the "Qualität Südtirol" quality label. It guarantees the highest standards for agricultural products and their origin from the region.

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