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The South Tyrolean Wine

South Tyrol is the wonderfully successful and rarely found symbiosis of a fantastically beautiful landscape, ancient wine-growing tradition, and excellent, even excellent wines. This is reflected not only in the worldwide popularity of South Tyrolean wines, but also in a wealth of awards at national and international level.

The history of winegrowing in South Tyrol dates back to pre-Roman times. The Raetians probably cultivated wine here already 3000 years ago and developed, among other things, the wine barrel for storage and transport. In the Middle Ages, South Tyrolean wine spread throughout Europe, with several monasteries from Germany, France, and Italy acquiring vineyards in South Tyrol for their own use and for trade. Viticulture was particularly promoted under the Habsburgs. Around 1900, the cellar cooperatives were established, which still exist today as a distribution and marketing structure. Since the 1980s, the trend has clearly been moving away from mass production and towards quality wine, which has given viticulture in South Tyrol an additional boost.

South Tyrol Wine Road
South Tyrol Wine Road
South Tyrolean Wine
South Tyrolean Wine
Grape harvest in South Tyrol
Grape harvest in South Tyrol
South Tyrolean Vineyards
South Tyrolean Vineyards

South Tyrolean Wine – Pleasure with Tradition

Part of the success of South Tyrolean wines is certainly the variety of grape varieties. In addition to internationally known varieties such as Riesling, Sauvignon, or Pinot, there are also the old, autochthonous grape varieties Vernatsch, Gewürztraminer, and Lagrein. Location and climate contribute to the special character of these wines, and experience and care in vinification are the icing on the cake. South Tyrolean wines are becoming increasingly popular and regularly receive the highest awards at various wine fairs and events and from international specialist magazines such as "Gambero rosso", "Vini d'Italia" or "Gault Millau". This applies to both the winegrowing areas of the South Tyrolean Wine Road and the northernmost winegrowing region in Italy, the Eisack Valley.

The wine country of South Tyrol can be discovered in various ways. You can visit the producers and wineries by car in a "classic" way, taste and shop. But the wine villages can also be reached wonderfully by bike. For example, Wine & Bike offers three special cycling routes along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, which not only reveal cultural highlights but also the growing areas of the autochthonous varieties. In addition, there are numerous wine trails and educational paths that offer interesting insights into viticulture. The history of winemaking is vividly portrayed, for example, in the South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Eppan.

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Wine glass
Wine enjoyment in South Tyrol: From the vines to your hotel room

Experience the enchanting world of South Tyrolean wine, from the picturesque vineyards to the top-class wine lists in the hotels. Immerse yourself in the diversity of grape varieties, enjoy wine tastings in extraordinary settings, and discover the cultural connection between wine, art, and sustainability in this unique region.

Lorenzinacht in Bolzano
Lorenzo Night in Bolzano South Tyrol: Festival for Wine Lovers

An absolute must-attend event for all wine lovers is the Lorenzinacht in Bolzano, which takes place every year in August. Numerous wineries then offer the popular wines of the region for tasting.

Wine specialties in South Tyrol's hotels
Wine specialties in South Tyrol‘s hotels

South Tyrol is known for its wines, which provide a special setting for culinary delights.

Wine cellar
Photo: Romtomtom - CC BY 2.0
The best wineries in South Tyrol

The South Tyrolean wineries produce an enormous variety of white wines, red wines, and sparkling wines, even though they operate in relatively small structures.

Kaltern as seen from Penegal
Kalterer Weinweg (Caldaro Wine Trail)

Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, there are several themed hiking trails through and around the vineyards, which open up the beauties of these cultural landscapes in a variety of ways. In Kaltern too, one can embark on a journey of discovery through the diversity of perhaps the most famous South Tyrolean wine-growing region on the wine.path.

Glass with Grappa
Photo: Carsten Tolkmit - CC BY-SA 2.0
Grappa from South Tyrol

Where wine is pressed, it is also not far to grappa. The aromatic pomace brandy is distilled in South Tyrol with the highest quality.

Termeno bell tower with grapes
Discover the South Tyrolean Wine

South Tyrol and wine, it‘s a long story with many facets. A special wine guide offers suggestions for a lot of exciting voyages of discovery.

South Tyrolean Wine Museum
Photo: - Licence: CC BY 2.0 - Source:
South Tyrolean Wine Museum

Wine and South Tyrol belong together like salt in soup. At the South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Kaltern, you can learn all about the country‘s great wine tradition.

Wine Country South Tyrol
South Tyrolean Wine History

The wine country South Tyrol is characterized by a wine tradition that can be traced back for over 2000 years. In pre-Roman times, it was the local Raeti tribe who cultivated wine. Through seemingly good contacts with the Illyrians and Etruscans, they developed a considerable wine culture.

Tramin in autumn
Wine and Bike South Tyrolean Wine Road

Pleasure cycling routes along the South Tyrolean Wine Road. South Tyrol is the ultimate cycling country. Particularly beautiful cycling routes can be found along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, where the sporting challenge can be most pleasantly combined with the enjoyment experience.

South Tyrolean Wine
Awards for top wines from South Tyrol

It is long well-known that South Tyrol offers the guest not only a unique and beautiful natural landscape with the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites at its center, but also scores as a top-class region of pleasure.

Grape harvest in South Tyrol
Wine harvest in South Tyrol

As the days gradually get shorter, when the light becomes more golden and the evening cooler, then comes the time of grape harvest or ‘Wimmen‘, as they say here in South Tyrol.

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