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Wine enjoyment in South Tyrol: From the vines to your hotel room

Experience the enchanting world of South Tyrolean wine, from the picturesque vineyards to the top-class wine lists in the hotels. Immerse yourself in the diversity of grape varieties, enjoy wine tastings in extraordinary settings, and discover the cultural connection between wine, art, and sustainability in this unique region.

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"From the vine to the pleasure: The fascinating journey of wine to the guest"

1. Location selection and grape variety selection:

The selection of the vineyard location is crucial. South Tyrol extends over different altitudes, creating different microclimates. Winemakers carefully choose the best location for each grape variety. Popular grape varieties in South Tyrol include white wines such as Gewürztraminer, Kerner, and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as red wines such as Pinot Noir, Lagrein, and Vernatsch.

2. Soil analysis and care:

The condition of the soil influences the character of the wine. Before planting, soil samples are taken and analyzed. Winemakers can then take measures to improve the soil and optimize the nutrient supply of the vines. This may include adding fertilizers or adjusting irrigation.

3. Planting of the vines:

The vines are planted in the spring or autumn. The planting distance and the orientation of the rows are carefully determined to create the best possible growth conditions. Proper care, including regular pruning, is required to ensure the quality of the grapes.

4. Grape cultivation and harvest:

The grapevines require careful care throughout the year. This includes removing leaves to improve air circulation, thinning grapes to control yields, and protecting against diseases and pests. The harvest is done by hand and requires careful selection of the best grapes.

5. Crushing and pressing:

The harvested grapes are taken to the press. During crushing, the grapes are crushed or pressed to extract the juice. The type and duration of maceration (the contact between juice and skins) influences the color and taste of the wine.

6. Fermentation:

The grape juice is brought to fermentation in stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels. Yeast is added to convert the sugar into alcohol. This process can take several weeks to months, depending on the desired style of the wine.

7. Aging and storage:

After fermentation, the wine continues to age in wooden barrels or stainless steel tanks. Aging allows the wine to develop flavors and stabilize. The duration of aging varies depending on the type of wine and style.

8. Bottling and sale:

The wine is finally filtered, bottled, and labeled. Then it goes on sale. Many wineries in South Tyrol offer tastings and direct sales, allowing you to enjoy and buy the wines on site.

9. Wine enjoyment on vacation:

One of the wonderful ways to enjoy South Tyrol's top wines is during your stay in the region's numerous hotels and inns. Many of these accommodations offer superbly curated wine lists featuring a wide selection of local wines. In the cozy hotel restaurants and bars, you can taste the exquisite wines in a relaxed atmosphere while admiring the region's spectacular landscape.

The close relationships between South Tyrolean winemakers and hoteliers often allow guests to participate in wine tastings, seminars, and events where you can not only enjoy the wines, but also learn more about winemaking and the region's culture.

Whether you opt for a white wine from the higher altitudes or a robust red wine from the sun-drenched slopes, South Tyrolean hotels offer a unique opportunity to explore the diversity and quality of the region's wines and indulge your senses.

10. Integration of local art and culture:

South Tyrolean hotels are not only places of enjoyment for wine lovers, but often also venues for art and culture. Some hotels showcase local artworks, organize concerts, or events with regional artists, creating a fascinating connection between wine and creativity.

11. The diversity of wine styles:

In South Tyrol, not only red and white wines are produced, but also a variety of wine styles, including sparkling wines, dessert wines, and even strong grappas. Each of these wine styles has its own unique characteristics and pairs perfectly with different culinary experiences.

12. Sustainability and ecological responsibility:

South Tyrolean winemakers place great emphasis on sustainability and ecological responsibility. Many wineries are organically certified and use environmentally friendly cultivation methods. This focus on sustainability not only gives the wines a special character, but also contributes to the preservation of the region's natural beauty.

13. Wine tastings in exceptional settings:

Some hotels offer wine tastings in exceptional settings, such as in historic wine cellars, amidst vineyards, or on panoramic terraces with breathtaking views. This creates unforgettable experiences for wine lovers and holidaymakers.

14. Wine and wellness:

Unique hotels in South Tyrol often combine the enjoyment of wine with wellness offerings. Here, guests can relax in soothing spa facilities while enjoying special wine treatments such as grape seed peels or wine baths.

15. The importance of family businesses:

South Tyrol is proud of its many family businesses that have been producing wine for generations. The stories and traditions of these businesses make the wine experience even more fascinating and provide insight into the local way of life.

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Experience the enchanting world of South Tyrolean wine, from picturesque vineyards to first-class wine lists in hotels. Immerse yourself in the diversity of grape varieties, enjoy wine tastings in exceptional settings, and discover the cultural connection between wine, art, and sustainability in this unique region.

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