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Sterzing Dairy - Pleasure in Purest White

The Milchhof Sterzing is not only the oldest dairy cooperative in South Tyrol but also one of the most successful. The Sterzinger yogurt is famous far beyond the regional borders.

Milchhof Sterzing
Milchhof Sterzing - © Milchhof Sterzing

In 1884, the Sterzing Dairy Cooperative was founded to collectively organize the processing and sale of dairy products. At that time, there were three cooperatives in the Wipptal, which have since merged into one large community. Today, the Sterzing Dairy has almost 500 members who deliver nearly 130,000 liters of milk daily.

The members of the Sterzing Dairy are all small to medium-sized farms that are committed to the South Tyrolean tradition of agriculture in harmonious balance with nature. The purity and naturalness of the milk, the valuable raw material for all dairy products, is of the utmost importance. This purity is constantly monitored through elaborate processes - from the barn to transportation and processing to the store. All products are completely natural, high quality, and of course, free from genetic engineering. They are certified according to the International Food Standard IFS and bear the "Quality South Tyrol" label.

In addition to milk in various variations, butter, and cream, the focus of production in Sterzing is on yogurt. With an annual turnover of around 62 million euros, the Sterzing Dairy ranks fourth in the yogurt market nationwide. Sterzing Yogurt is sold and appreciated throughout Italy and in many EU countries. A efficient distribution network ensures daily fresh delivery to retail and supermarkets.

Milk and yogurt – all also 'organic'!

Of course, organic products are also part of the Sterzing Dairy's range. The ingredients come from certified organic agriculture. Sterzing organic milk and organic yogurt combine the fine taste with the good feeling of using a natural, healthy food.

Naturally, the Sterzing Dairy is a co-organizer of the Sterzing Yogurt Days, which present Sterzing yogurt with numerous tourist offers in numerous events every summer. Almost 20 hotels and restaurants participate in the Yogurt Days and offer special "yogurt dishes". The Sterzing Dairy also participates in the annual South Tyrolean Milk Festival on the Fane Alm in Vals or at the South Tyrolean Enjoyment Festival in Bozen.

The many delicious products can be tasted and purchased either directly at the dairy in Jaufenpassstraße 108 or at the branch in the city center of Sterzing.

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