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The best carpenters and wood processors in South Tyrol

The many small and medium-sized enterprises in South Tyrol are the sought-after employers and the strong backbone of the South Tyrolean economy.

South Tyrolean Carpenter
South Tyrolean Carpenter

South Tyrol's master craftsmen deliver the highest quality to the tourism industry (hotels, restaurants), to public institutions, and of course to private home builders. On this list, we present recommended providers.

Carpentry Engl - Tradition and Innovation

Carpentry Engl At our company, two things come together: the lived tradition of craftsmanship and the know-how of a state-of-the-art carpentry business. For over a hundred years, Engl has stood for clean, solid custom work, personal consultation, innovative ideas, and the highest quality. Whether it's a single piece or a complete interior design, often combined with contemporary materials such as glass, stone, plastic, or steel - all handcrafted - with passion!

Industriestraße Nr. 6
I - 39032 Sand in Taufers
Tel: +39 0474 678 560

Carpentry Kamelger Hartwig

Carpentry Kamelger Hartwig We, the Kamelger Hartwig carpentry in Niederdorf, South Tyrol, are appreciated for our individual and personal customer care. Whether it's individual furniture, special requests, or custom-made pieces, customer wishes are always taken into account, as they are the ones who live with the furniture and in the facilities! This results in unique pieces, whose high quality brings joy every day. Do you need to furnish your apartment? Hartwig Kamelger thoroughly discusses your ideas in a consultation before the design, the following designs are discussed and revised if necessary. Until you say: yes, I like it, this is how I imagined it! And our employees have the necessary knowledge and professionalism to turn your living dreams into real and high-quality furniture pieces.

Kamelgerviertel 1
I - 39039 Niederdorf
Tel: +39 0474 745408

Woodturning Josef Klotz, Precision and Know How

Woodturning Josef Klotz The woodturning shop, founded in 1976 by Josef Klotz, is a family business with 3 master woodturners and was awarded the "Master Prize of the Bavarian State Government" in 2009. Through constant development, we have expanded our customer base far beyond the national borders and are now active throughout Europe. Our products range from traditionally handcrafted bowls, plates, and wooden apples, to stair balusters and round wooden handrails, columns for roof structures, large turned parts, to extremely complicated special turned parts and small parts in individual and series production. Following the trends of private and hotel furnishings, we also produce tree trunks as side tables, sink pedestals, or stools. So, customer wishes are hardly limited even in large dimensions.

St. Nikolausweg 10
I - 39010 Tscherms
Tel: +39 0473 562 313

LignoAlp - Wooden Houses and Roofs, Natural Well-being

LignoAlp The company DAMIANI-HOLZ&KO with the brand LignoAlp has become one of the leading companies in Italy in high-quality custom wood construction. The main activity is the production of custom houses and roofs in wood construction. The company focuses on the best possible coordination with customer wishes on a project-specific basis. Core competencies include project planning (structural and building physics calculations, system finding, construction and creation of machine data), which builds on the existing architectural project of the customer, production (cutting of wood on modern cutting systems, prefabrication by skilled workers) and assembly by specialized personnel. The DAMIANI-HOLZ&KO AG employs around 100 employees at its two locations in South Tyrol (Brixen and Deutschnofen). Continuous investment in research and development ensures a leading position in the field of custom wood construction, especially in multi-story wood construction.

Julius Durst Straße 68
I - 39042 Brixen
Tel: +39 0472 97 57 90

Habicher Wood Construction

Habicher Wood Construction Srl For 50 years, we have been dedicated to wood construction with passion. Upon request, we build turnkey, but of course, we also deliver the rough construction variant. Our product range extends from single-family houses to row house complexes and condominiums.

Handwerkerzone 85
I - 39027 St. Valentin auf der Haide
Tel: +39 0473 634648

Rubner Doors World

Rubner The passion for wood has found a new home: the futuristic Rubner competence center for wood construction in Kiens includes an exhibition area, a technical office, a research laboratory, and the Rubner Doors World.

Handwerkerzone 10
I - 39030 Kiens
Tel: +39 0474 563215

georgmuehlmann furniture design - design furniture

georgmuehlmannAs a craftsman and designer at the same time, Georg Muehlmann is convinced that this represents the ideal case, as only a craftsman who is involved in design creates creations that surpass those of the industry. And only a designer who masters the craft can implement his ideas directly and adapt them to the material if necessary.

Altenbergweg 3
I - 39050 Jenesien
Tel: +39 0471 354036


Akustika Balanced room acoustics are perceived as pleasant, acoustic elements enhance speech intelligibility, concentration, and well-being. The selection of motifs in our pictures offers a synergy of function and aesthetics, integrated into a color concept that turns work areas, training rooms, and living spaces into living environments.

J. Schguanin Str. 74
I - 39040 Villanders
Tel: +39 0472 679482

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