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Wood carving in the Val Gardena

In the Val Gardena, which is world-renowned as a fantastic skiing and hiking area in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, a cherished old tradition is still lovingly maintained today: wood carving.

Woodcarving from Val Gardena
Woodcarving from Val Gardena
Gardena Craftsmanship
Gardena Craftsmanship - (c) Robert Stuflesser
A special Christmas present
A special Christmas present - Vinatzer Norbert
Demi Art
Demi Art - (c) Michael Demetz
Logo - Pema
Lineart Nativity scene
Lineart Nativity scene - (c) Emanuel Nogler
In the dungeon of Filip Moroder Doss
In the dungeon of Filip Moroder Doss - (c)
Woodcarvings Franco
Woodcarvings Franco - (c)
Carving art from
Carving art from - (c) Moroder Samuel
Dolfi GmbH
Dolfi GmbH - (c)

The artistry of the Val Gardena woodcarvers is well known far beyond South Tyrol, and especially their cribs and the figures of the saints are popular and highly esteemed collectibles.

It all began around the middle of the 17th century. At that time, Val Gardena was still a remote, difficult-to-reach high valley, where agriculture only allowed for a modest living. Especially in the long winter months, an additional source of income was needed to ensure survival, so hand-carved equipment for the home and farm was produced, tools, household utensils, and toys. In spring, these products were taken out into the world to be sold at fairs and markets. Soon, decorative items were added, such as picture frames or clock cases. Since these sold particularly well, the Val Gardena carvers increasingly turned to more artistic, especially sacred themes, and crucifixes, figures of saints, stations of the cross, and of course the first cribs were created. The woodcarvers of Val Gardena quickly gained great skill, and their works became increasingly popular.

Even today, woodcarving in the Val Gardena valley is an important economic factor. Sacred works of art are produced as well as secular or purely decorative carvings. A central motif is still the Christmas cribs, which are executed in many different styles: from ancient classical to modern. A crib from the Val Gardena valley is a very special asset for anyone who appreciates craftsmanship. It can be expanded and changed over and over again, and new discoveries can be made, so that the whole family will derive a lot of joy from it.

The proportion of manual work is crucial for the quality, which also sets it apart from machine-made products. Hand-carved carvings from the Val Gardena valley are therefore marked with their own metal plaque from the Chamber of Commerce. This trademark is a certificate for completely and exclusively hand-carved woodcarvings of the highest quality.

The Gherdëina Museum in Ortisei has an extensive collection of Val Gardena woodcarving art. A tour through 4 centuries provides an overview of the development and expressive power of the Val Gardena carvings, and numerous precious exhibits prove the high artistry from the beginnings to the present day.

Also worth seeing is the life-size crib in Santa Cristina. It is considered the world's largest wood-carved crib, and a new piece is added every year during Advent. This unique work of art – a joint production of several Val Gardena master carvers – can then be admired at the Iman Sports Center in the center of Santa Cristina.

Pontives 14
I-39040 Lajen
Tel: +39-0471-796900

Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875
Unikate nach Kundenwunsch
Petlin 13
I-39046 St. Ulrich

PEMA Holzschnitzereien
Pontives, 28
I-39046 St. Ulrich
Tel: 0039-0471-797175
Fax: 0039-0471-797737

Holzschnitzereien Franco
Rezia Str. 181
I-39046 St.Ulrich Gröden

Galaria Unika / "Grödner Kunsthandwerk"
Arnaria Straße 9, Typakcenter Runggaditsch
I-39046 St. Ulrich (BZ)
Tel. +39 339 1792227

Dolfi GmbH
Digon Strasse 26
39046 St Ulrich
Tel +39 0471 796239
Holzschnitzerei Vinatzer Norbert
I-39046 St. Ulrich

Demi Art
Str. Palua 10
I-39047 St. CRISTINA (BZ)
Tel: +39 0471 793468

Sculptures Nogler
I-39047 St. Christina – Gröden
Tel. + 39 0471 793016

Moroder Samuel
Via Resciesa 70
I-39046 Ortisei (BZ)
Tel: +39 340 5780120

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