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Tyrolean hotels focus on local products

More and more hotels are focusing on authenticity and offer their guests local products, which then become part of the menu in the form of particularly tasty delicacies.

Tyrol Products
Tyrol Products

The perfect blend of region and tradition makes Tyrolean cuisine an exceptional treat for young and old. The choice is vast, ranging from organic breakfast buffets to afternoon snacks or a 5-course menu in the evening. What guests appreciate is knowing where the products come from and what is used in the kitchen.

For example, hotels in Tyrol source turkey or chicken meat from selected poultry farms, and organic eggs of grade I are exclusively purchased from special suppliers. Honey is also a product that many hotels buy regionally. The choices include dandelion honey, comb honey, or mountain honey, which are cold-spun and natural. For production, the bees are brought to selected regions where they can produce wonderful honey.

Another specialty is mountain cheese, which is made from organic raw milk. The utmost goal is to protect nature and the environment and to produce the milk in a completely natural way and to process it in a value-preserving manner. Organic homemade jam is also very popularly offered by Tyrolean hotels, as well as yogurt, quark, or butter from local farms. Sausages, meat, or salami are also produced without genetic engineering or glutamate, thus guaranteeing the highest organic standard. Unusual bread specialties such as whole grain or spelt bread come from selected whole food bakeries, fresh vegetables are also sourced from local farmers.

East Tyrolean Mountain Lamb

An extremely special delicacy is the East Tyrolean mountain lamb, whose quality is distinguished by a cross of the "Tyrolean mountain sheep" and the "Tyrolean stone sheep" with meat-focused sheep breeds. The lamb has a particularly low fat content and is therefore a very special feast for health-conscious connoisseurs.

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Hotel Hofer

Tirolo ★★★s

Step inside and enjoy looking at the wonderful pictures of our Hotel Hofer - just a foretaste of your holiday near Merano in a sophisticated and spectacular ambience.

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Pension Brunner

Ratschings ★★

The Pension Brunner in the romantic Ratschingstal valley is characterized by a special family-friendliness.

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Hotel Weger

Tirolo ★★★

The hotel Weger is situated in an especially nice area of South Tyrol, between the town of Tirol and the spa town Meran. Amidst the orchards, the hotel offers splendid views of the marvellous surrounding landscape.

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Icon Family Hotel

Das Mühlwald - Quality Time Family Resort

Naz-Sciaves ★★★★s

Picture-perfect family holidays amidst nature! Where? At Das Mühlwald, the Quality Time Family Resort on the apple high pleateau of Schabs near Birxen in South Tyrol. What you‘ll find here are mountains, apple trees, and boundless meadows – as well as plenty of space for spending precious time together with your loved ones.

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