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Owl Park San Vigilio

When visiting the Owl Park San Vigilio, one enters the realm of the screech owl and the owl, where people of all ages can observe numerous different species of birds of prey.

Radlsee and Radlseehütte, seen from the Königsangerspitze.
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Svickova - Public Domain
Fabulous South Tyrol: The Radlsee

The picturesque Radlsee can be found high above Brixen and various myths also revolve around the body of water.

Romantic Places in South Tyrol

Panoramic views of the fantastic mountain world, cozy places in meadows or forests, unforgettable moments by the glittering water… In South Tyrol, a romantic atmosphere arises in many places and they are perfect for enjoying fairytale moments with your loved one.

Old town in Sterzing
Old Town of Sterzing

The picturesque old town of Sterzing is not only ideal for a leisurely shopping stroll, but also offers its visitors numerous attractions.

Arcades in Brixen
Old Town of Brixen: Southern flair and impressive buildings

The city of Brixen, with its more than 1000 years, is the oldest city in Tyrol and was once an important episcopal city as well as an imperial travel station. In 1552, the elephant Soliman also made a stop here.

Arcades in Bolzano
Old Town of Bolzano: Interesting buildings and winding alleys

The old town of Bolzano is a popular place with a very special atmosphere, where you can not only stroll around excellently, but which also has numerous historical buildings, winding alleys and remarkable house fronts.

Merano Old Town: Popular meeting place with interesting sights

North of the Passer, the picturesque old town of Merano begins, which invites you to stroll but also has numerous buildings worth seeing.

Entrance Show Mine Copper Plate
Schaubergwerk Kupferplatte (Copper Plate Show Mine)

As a place with an old mining tradition, Jochberg has several tunnels that lead far down into the depths. Numerous mines were opened and closed over the years.

Giant in Summer - Swarovski Crystal Worlds
© Swarovski Kristallwelten
Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds)

Architecture, art and fairy tales – and of course the sparkle of crystals – come together in Wattens to form a captivating adventure park with no age restrictions.

Hotel of the
Hotel Plunhof

★★★★sAlto Adige

Hotel Plunhof
  • most family-friendly wellness hotel
  • enjoy the winter landscape
  • cross-country skiing paradise
  • Spa Minera Acqua Minera
  • spicy wines
  • be active together

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Foto Alpenzoo
Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

The animal and plant world of the Alps is gathered here in one spot, showing both young and old how splendid and lovable the regional creation of Mother Nature is.

(c) Titus Oberhammer
Greifvogelpark Telfes

With much passion and driving motivation, Mathias Premm has initiated a project that is dedicated to the knowledge about our feathered friends and passing this on to people. Because the protection of birds of prey deserves increasingly more attention.

The Cultural Center Grand Hotel Toblach
Grand Hotel Dobbiaco in South Tyrol Italy

The former Grand Hotel, prominently located opposite the Toblach train station, is an important piece of South Tyrolean tourism history.

Pitztal Glacier Railway
Copyright: Pitztaler Gletscherbahn
Wildspitzbahn - The highest cable car in Austria

Just in time for the start of the winter season, the new Wildspitzbahn began operating. The 8-person gondola lift leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technology and comfort. In addition, guests at the mountain station can expect the highest café in Austria.

Historical Steam Bath Salurner Straße
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Kluibi - GFDL
Historical Steam Bath in Innsbruck

One of the most remarkable bathhouses in Tyrol is located on Salurner Straße in Innsbruck.

Kastelbell Panorama
Castelbello Mills

Mills were once as much a part of a village as the church tower. In the Kastelbell-Tschars region, many of the historic mills have been lovingly restored and made functional again in recent years.

Karthaus in the Schnals Valley
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Whgler - GNU-FDL
Karthaus - a place that stands on a monastery

In the Schnals Valley lies Karthaus, a very unique village that was built on the layout of a monastery complex.

Chapel of Volderwildbad
Wikipedia-User: Haneburger - Public Domain

The so-called “Bauernbadln“ (farmers‘ baths) were once widespread throughout Tyrol. In Volders, we still find the remnants of one of these baths along with a remarkable chapel.

Seefeld Stone Circle
Photo: Leo-setä - CC BY 2.0
The Stone Circle in Seefeld

Place of power in the Olympic region: The Seefeld Kirchbichl is considered one of the strongest mystical places in Tyrol.

Abfaltersbach in East Tyrol
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Simfunkel - GFDL
Aigner Badl in Abfaltersbach

The Aigner Badl in Abfaltersbach on the southern bank of the Drava is an original Tyrolean farmer‘s bath, which has been in operation since at least 1772.

(c) Innsbruck Tourismus
Nordkette Cable Car in Innsbruck

One of the most beautiful cable cars in the world, the Nordkette Cable Car, is located in Innsbruck, the state capital of Tyrol.

Tourist train of the Zillertal Railway with locomotive 3
Photo: flickr-User:trams aux fils - CC BY 2.0
The Zillertal Railway

Not too many side valleys in the Alps are accessible by train, but the Zillertal, one of the most beautiful Tyrolean valleys, has had its own railway line for over a hundred years.

Lake Garda Panorama
Danny S. - CC BY-SA 3.0
Trip to Lake Garda

On the edge of the Alps, in a landscape of unique beauty, lies the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda, Italian Lago di Garda or Benaco. In the north, the mountains still stand over 2,000 m high close to the shore, while in the south the Po Valley already opens up widely.

Alley in the old town of Hall
Mathias Bigge - GFDL
Old Town of Hall in Tyrol

In Hall in Tirol, the magic of the Middle Ages still prevails today. The old town with its many towers and gables, its winding alleys, picturesque squares and handsome townhouses invites you to stroll and browse.

old farmhouse
Rohrerhof in the Sarn Valley

One of the oldest farmhouses in the Sarntal is the Rohrerhof. This farm was first documented in 1288, at that time it was still on the edge of Sarnthein. From the beginning, the Rohrerhof was one of the largest farms in the valley, and over the centuries it grew even further.

Kurhaus in Meran
Kurhaus in Merano

The development of the former capital of the County of Tyrol into a distinguished spa town began in the 19th century. The mild, Mediterranean climate and the radon-containing water of the thermal springs have a beneficial and healing effect in many ways, especially for lung diseases, Meran was considered an ideal spa resort.

Kuchelen Castelfeder, remnants from Byzantine times
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Plentn - Public Domain

Castelfeder is a very special place: the porphyry rock rises about 190 m high between the towns of Auer, Neumarkt and Montan above the Adige Valley.

A glimpse into the depths of the universe
NASA/JPL-Caltech/M. Povich (Penn State Univ.) - Public Domain
Planetarium Schwaz, so close to the stars

A journey into space to Mars or Venus or to the farthest stars of the galaxy: These are ancient dreams of humanity, which may soon become reality for future generations. Until then, we can roam the vastness of the universe in the planetarium.

Old Town in Sterzing
The town hall of Sterzing

The Fugger city of Sterzing owes its rise and economic heyday to mining, which began in the region at the end of the Middle Ages – around 1400.

Walther monument with parish church in Bolzano
Waltherplatz (Walther Square) in Bolzano

The “parlor“ of the provincial capital of South Tyrol

Muthöfe on the Mutspitze
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Thesurvived99 - CC BY-SA 3.0
“Muthöfe” near the village of Tirolo

Clearly visible from the valley, a few farms nestle high above the village of Tirol on the slopes of the Mutspitze. These farms are among the oldest in the Merano region and in the whole of South Tyrol.

Museum Cemetery Kramsach - funny tombstone inscription
Foto: Pirchner Hof - CC BY-SA 2.0
Museumsfriedhof (Cemetery) in Kramsach

Rarely was death “more amusing“ than here at the Museum Cemetery in the municipality of Kramsach in the Tyrolean lowlands.

Glurns Panorama
Glurns: The smallest town in the Alpine region

Just under 800 inhabitants and already a town: that is Glurns in the Vinschgau, an architectural and cultural-historical jewel.

The Golden Roof, the landmark of the city
(c) Innsbruck Tourismus
Goldene Dachl (Golden Roof)

The Golden Roof is probably the most famous attraction and the landmark of the former imperial residence city Innsbruck

Max Valier Observatory South Tyrol
Max Valier Observatory

In the small village of Gummer near Steinegg in the holiday region of Rosengarten-Latemar is South Tyrol‘s only observatory.

Graun Tower in Lake Reschen with boat
The Tower in Lake Reschen

Anyone who comes to Lake Reschen will immediately notice the church tower that stands alone out of the water. This distinctive tower has become a landmark of the region and the entire Vinschgau.

Railway viaduct between Marling and Töll
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Marc28 - GFDL
Railway World Rabland: South Tyrol in Miniature

The largest digital model railway layout in all of Italy is located in South Tyrol! In Rabland, just about 10km from the center of Merano, railway enthusiasts will find a small paradise. On an exhibition area of 1,000m², there are two layouts with a total of 800m of track, 70 trains, 400 vehicles, and 12,000 figures.

Tramin in autumn
The South Tyrolean Wine Road

There are over 140 wine roads just in Italy, but the South Tyrolean Wine Road is the best and most beautiful of all. At the prestigious “Roma Wine Festival 2009“, it was crowned number one among Italy‘s wine roads, with the perfect interplay of wine, landscape, culture, and tourism being especially appreciated.

The Dam of the Via Claudia Augusta
Karl Wilhelm - GFDL
Via Claudia Augusta in South Tyrol

Vacation following the traces of Roman history: you can have this experience along the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, the most important Roman road over the main Alpine ridge.

Ellmi‘s Zauberwelt Ellmau (Ellmi‘s Magic World)

Goblins, forest spirits, and fairies hide in the mystical enchanted forest. Those who go in search of them will meet many more legendary figures and experience magical moments.

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Bird Fauna Care Center Schloss Tirol

The animal keepers at the bird center below Tyrol Castle demonstrate a big heart for our feathered friends.

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