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Museums in South Tyrol and Tyrol

Museums document and present the cultural heritage of a region as well as current topics and trends, and connect both. Naturally, there is a wide variety of museums in a historically significant and rich region such as Tyrol and South Tyrol. The range extends from large institutional museums with scientific collections, such as the Tyrolean and South Tyrolean State Museums or the branch of the Vienna Art History Museum at Ambras Castle near Innsbruck, to urban and regional museums, and even small, occasionally quirky collections.

Museums are no longer dusty spaces where visitors are simply presented with a few more or less commentated and unrelated exhibits. On the contrary: museums are now vibrant places of encounter between history and the present, inviting visitors to actively engage and participate.

The themes of the museums in Tyrol and South Tyrol are as diverse as the region itself. For example, at the BergbauWelt Schneeberg in Ridnaun, visitors can experience the life and everyday life of miners up close and discover the intricate underground tunnel system. At the ArcheoParc in Schnalstal, the world of the legendary "Ötzi," the glacier mummy from Hauslabjoch, comes to life. Those who want to see Ötzi himself can visit him at the Archaeological Museum in Bolzano.

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Traditional crafts are presented, among other places, at the Blacksmith Museum in Fulpmes, the Loden Museum in Vintl, or the Guild Museum in Bichlbach. There are museums about wood carving, nativity scenes, and customs, such as the Carnival Museum in Nassereith. Wine is also an important theme, especially in South Tyrol, at places like the South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Kaltern or the Village Museum in Tramin. The history and development of tourism are the focus of the Tourist Museum in Niederdorf in Pustertal and the South Tyrolean State Museum of Tourism at Trauttmansdorff Castle, as well as the Museum at the Arlberg-Kandahar-Haus in St. Anton. Of course, contemporary art is also present, for example, at the Gallery in Palais Taxis in Innsbruck or the wonderful Museion in Bolzano.

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Kronplatz cable car with Geiselsberg and Olang
Asked: Why one should visit the Messner Mountain Museum Corones

The Mountain Museum Corones is located at an altitude of 2275 meters at the summit of the Kronplatz and is the now sixth museum of mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner.

Messner Mountain Museum Ortles
© Messner Mountain Museum Ortles
Messner Mountain Museum Ortles

The MMM Ortles is one of the four offshoots that are being created around the center of the mountain museum MMM Firmian: In Solda all‘Ortles, at the beginning of the village, the theme of ice and Ortler has been dealt with underground on an area of 300 square meters.

Blacksmith Museum in Fulpmes Stubaital
© Tourismusverband Stubai Tirol
Schmiedemuseum (Blacksmith) Museum in Fulpmes

Like so many regions of Tyrol, the Stubai valley was also long characterized by mining. Here, it was primarily iron that was mined in the Schlick, a nearby high valley, and also processed right here in Fulpmes.

Gold Nugget
Photo: Wikipedia-User Gump Stump - GFDL
Hainzenberg Gold Mine in Zell am Ziller

Gold! Perhaps no other precious metal, no other good in this world has such a resounding name! Gold is usually associated with distant countries and empires, with South America and the Incas, with Persia, Africa, the Gold Rush in America, with adventure and danger…

Peter Mitterhofer Model Merano
Wikipedia-User: ManfredK - CC BY-SA 4.0
Peter Mitterhofer Schreibmaschinenmuseum (Typewriter Museum)

Typewriters, which just a few years ago were an essential part of the basic equipment of every office, are now, in the age of the computer, already relics from an almost bygone era.

Guild Museum Bichlbach in Tyrol
© Bbb at wikivoyage shared-CC BY-SA 3-0
Zunftmuseum Bichlbach in Tyrol

Tyrol is rich in crafts and craftsmanship. But while today access to crafts and to education and apprenticeship is relatively easy and open to everyone, for centuries it was regulated by a strict guild system.

Mining World Ridnaun-Schneeberg
Ridnaun - Schneeberg Mining World and Museum

In many of the idyllic holiday resorts in South Tyrol and Tyrol, mining played the most economically significant role until not too long ago. Gold, silver, copper, lead, and numerous other metals were mined and brought prosperity and wealth to the mining regions, but especially to the respective rulers, princes, bishops, and merchant lords.

ArcheoParc in the Schnals Valley

It was on September 19, 1991, when at the very end of the Schnals valley near the Hauslabjoch in the glacial ice the mummy of a man was discovered. The discovery site at an altitude of 3,210 meters is just on the border to Austria and not far from the ski area at the Schnals Valley Glacier.

Bell casting in Tyrol
© Torsten Bolten CC BY-SA 3.0
Bell Casting in Tyrol

Bells are certainly among the most fascinating instruments in the world. Especially the large church bells captivate us, their sound carries far across the country and awakens our attention.

Maranatha Museum in Luttach

A visit to the Maranatha Nativity Museum in Luttach in the Tauferer Ahrntal is an experience for the whole family - especially during the pre-Christmas season. The museum was founded in the year 2000 by the Gartner family and has since become one of the most popular attractions in the region.

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Krippenmuseum in Fulpmes in the Stubai Valley

In the middle of Fulpmes in the beautiful Stubai Valley is the ‘Tiroler Krippenmuseum Fulpmes Stubai‘. It is housed in the 500-year-old ‘Platzwirt-Haus‘, and especially during the Advent and Christmas season, it is a great attraction for the whole family.

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