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Museumsfriedhof (Cemetery) in Kramsach

Rarely was death "more amusing" than here at the Museum Cemetery in the municipality of Kramsach in the Tyrolean lowlands.

Museum Cemetery Kramsach - funny tombstone inscription
Museum Cemetery Kramsach - funny tombstone inscription - Foto: Pirchner Hof - CC BY-SA 2.0

A cemetery without the dead is what it is, no one is buried here. Instead, all sorts of funny, bizarre, and macabre tombstone inscriptions from the entire Alpine region are gathered, as well as memorials and wayside crosses in memory of accident victims. 'One slip, and he was gone' reminds us of a fallen mountaineer, 'Beneath this lawn lies the drunken coppersmith's nose' points out a certain weakness of the deceased. 'Here rests my dear doctor, Mr. Grimm, and all whom he cured, next to him' gives a humorous testimony to the said doctor's skill. It is not for nothing that the Museum Cemetery is also known as the 'Merry Cemetery'.

Most of the crosses and tombstone inscriptions date from the 19th century and were lovingly restored before they found their new place in Kramsach. Most of the inscriptions make the visitor smile, with others, like 'Here lies Martin Krug, who beat children, wife, and organ,' the laughter can sometimes get stuck in one's throat.

One naturally wonders whether so much merriment in the face of death is 'genuine,' or whether it is not rather the fear of the inevitable that is hidden behind it? Humor has always been a way to face the terrible and to conquer one's own fear. In any case: at the Museum Cemetery, one gets many suggestions to think about the relationship of humans to death.

The Museum Cemetery Kramsach is located on the premises of the Sagzahn blacksmith, a metalworking shop where grave crosses, as well as fittings, furnishings, and wrought ironwork are still produced today. In the attached museum shop, one can purchase all sorts of souvenirs and books with the most beautiful tombstone sayings.

Subsequently, a visit to the baroque pilgrimage basilica Marienthal at the entrance to the Tiefenbachklamm is recommended. The adjacent Stations of the Cross can conclude the museum visit with some contemplative moments. The Museum Cemetery Kramsach is open all year round with free admission!

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Museum Cemetery Kramsach - funny tombstone inscription
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