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Excursions with Children in South Tyrol in bad weather

A day without sunshine is not a lost day. It just depends on what you make of it. After all, South Tyrol also has some attractions that are not impressed by the weather. Museums, castles, a planetarium, or a special place for lovers of small miniature steam engines don't care about the rain and invite you to an alternative program that doesn't need to hide in terms of fun and fascination. Here we give you some tips on how to best use the bad weather with your children.

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Farmhouses in Val Badia
Nature Park Houses (Naturparkhäuser)

In South Tyrol, there are a total of seven nature park houses, which also offer a varied program for young and old during the summer months.

View into the depths of the universe
NASA/JPL-Caltech/M. Povich (Penn State Univ.) - Public Domain
Why are stargazers drawn to South Tyrol?

On the high plateau in the South Tyrolean Eggental, located in the municipality of Karneid, is the first European star village, from where one can enjoy the fantastic view of the starry sky.

Burg Taufers
Burg Taufers / Castello di Tures

This powerful medieval castle complex testifies to its historical significance.

Railway viaduct between Marling and Töll
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Marc28 - GFDL
Railway World Rabland: South Tyrol in Miniature

The largest digital model railway layout in all of Italy is located in South Tyrol! In Rabland, just about 10km from the center of Merano, railway enthusiasts will find a small paradise. On an exhibition area of 1,000m², there are two layouts with a total of 800m of track, 70 trains, 400 vehicles, and 12,000 figures.

Mining World Ridnaun-Schneeberg
Ridnaun - Schneeberg Mining World and Museum

In many of the idyllic holiday resorts in South Tyrol and Tyrol, mining played the most economically significant role until not too long ago. Gold, silver, copper, lead, and numerous other metals were mined and brought prosperity and wealth to the mining regions, but especially to the respective rulers, princes, bishops, and merchant lords.

Sigmundskron Castle
Richard Huber - CC BY-SA 3.0
Messner Mountain Museum Firmian at Sigmundskron near Bolzano

In 2006, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the vicinity of Bolzano was opened: the ‘Messner Mountain Museum Firmian‘ in the late medieval fortress of Sigmundskron Castle.

Hotel of the
Hotel Plunhof

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Hotel Plunhof
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