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Excursions with children in Tyrol in bad weather

Unfortunately, the weather god cannot always be in a good mood. Sometimes the cloud curtains remain closed and the raindrops make staying outdoors an unpleasant affair. But that is absolutely no reason in Tyrol to just retreat back into bed. Visitors will find enough alternatives here that provide fun and entertainment even without sunshine and warm temperatures. After all, you can also venture into the depths of a mountain, look for castle ghosts or transform into a water rat in the adventure indoor pool. We have searched for the best bad weather excursion destinations in Tyrol for you.

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Entrance Show Mine Copper Plate
Schaubergwerk Kupferplatte (Copper Plate Show Mine)

As a place with an old mining tradition, Jochberg has several tunnels that lead far down into the depths. Numerous mines were opened and closed over the years.

Giant in Summer - Swarovski Crystal Worlds
© Swarovski Kristallwelten
Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds)

Architecture, art and fairy tales – and of course the sparkle of crystals – come together in Wattens to form a captivating adventure park with no age restrictions.

Ehrenberg Castle near Reutte in Tyrol
Patrick Huebgen - GFDL
Ehrenberg Castle World in Reutte

Once a mighty bastion against invading enemies, the Ehrenberg castle complex today takes its visitors on a peaceful and fascinating journey into the dark Middle Ages.

Aqua Dome - the Tyrolean spa in Längenfeld
Fun at the Aqua Dome Längenfeld Thermal Baths

The Aqua Dome in Längenfeld in the Ötztal valley is a top holiday attraction for the whole family. The extensive indoor and outdoor offerings provide a very special and unique vitality and wellness experience.

A glimpse into the depths of the universe
NASA/JPL-Caltech/M. Povich (Penn State Univ.) - Public Domain
Planetarium Schwaz, so close to the stars

A journey into space to Mars or Venus or to the farthest stars of the galaxy: These are ancient dreams of humanity, which may soon become reality for future generations. Until then, we can roam the vastness of the universe in the planetarium.

Fun and action: “Tanni‘s Kinderparadies“

“Tanni‘s Kinderparadies” offers plenty of space to romp around, an indoor play hall that ensures variety especially in bad weather.

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