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(c) Friesenberghaus

Friesenberghaus - 2,498m

Varied, scenically attractive ascent to the Friesenberghaus with an impressive view of the Zillertal main ridge.

Summer mood at the Friesenberghaus
Summer mood at the Friesenberghaus - (c) Friesenberghaus
View of the Friesenberghaus
View of the Friesenberghaus - (c) Friesenberghaus
Stoanmandln - (c) Friesenberghaus
Zillertal Alps
Zillertal Alps - (c) Friesenberghaus

The easy approach is also well suited for families with children. Light mountain forest, wide slopes of larches and open alpine terrain await hikers up to the Friesenbergalm and beyond. Only on the way through the wide Lapenkar does the terrain become increasingly rocky, but remains easy to walk on. Again and again, there are fantastic views of the surrounding, partly glaciated peaks and the sparkling Schlegeisspeicher far below.

Susi, Flo and their team will spoil you with varied, freshly cooked cuisine and look forward to your visit!

Hoher Riffler (3,231 m)
The Hoher Riffler is one of over 80 three-thousanders in the Zillertal. It is relatively easy to climb, especially without aids such as ropes and climbing equipment. Surefootedness, freedom from vertigo, and some alpine experience are of course still prerequisites that one should have when climbing the Hoher Riffler. It is mostly over block terrain, which can be a problem, especially in fresh snow. Once at the top, there is a magnificent panorama of the Zillertal mountains.

Petersköpfl (2,677 m)
To get to the Petersköpfl, you have to tear yourself away from the cozy parlor or terrace of the hut once again. After only half to three-quarters of an hour, you are already at the top, surrounded by hundreds of Stoanmandln in all sizes and shapes. The view from there is particularly popular as a photo motif at sunrise and sunset and is definitely worth the effort.

It takes about 2 hours to get to the Olpererhütte. After a short descent to the Friesenbergsee, it goes up in steep switchbacks to an altitude of 2,630 m. From there, it is always slightly downhill, with a magnificent panorama - hiking for connoisseurs!

Gamshütte (1,921 m)
To get to the Gamshütte, you have to cover a distance of about 14 km. The average walking time is 8-10 hours. Caution is particularly advised in wet conditions! There are emergency descents at the Pitzenalm, the Kesselalm, and the Graue Platte. The alpine pastures are either not or only partially managed. A snack and something to drink should definitely be in your backpack!

Tuxerjochhaus (2,316 m)
Walking time 4-5 hours. The path leads to the foot of the Petersköpfl. There, you turn left and follow the signs towards Friesenbergscharte (2,911 m), which you reach after a climb through some steep switchbacks. From there, it goes back down over moraines and scree. You pass the Spannagelhaus, which unfortunately no longer offers overnight accommodation.


Leaseholders: Susanne Albertini and Florian Schranz
Tel.: +43 676 7497550

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(c) Friesenberghaus
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