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Hikes in South Tyrol

For enthusiastic active vacationers, happiness on this earth lies in the middle of the mountains. South Tyrol offers ideal conditions for hikers and those who want to become one. Whether it's a comfortable family hike or a challenging trekking tour - here you will find the right route for every need.

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Maiern in the Ridnaun Valley
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Winter Hiking in South Tyrol Vacation: Three Selected Tour Tips

South Tyrol has an excellently developed network of winter hiking trails where you can let the dreamlike landscape take effect on you. Below you will find three selected tours that represent a good opportunity to discover South Tyrol in winter.

Ritten Railway with Rosengarten
Hiking in South Tyrol vacation: On the trails of Sigmund Freud

In about 1.5 hours, one can reach Klobenstein from Oberbozen along the Freud Promenade, which is named after Sigmund Freud, the well-known founder of psychoanalysis.

The Three Holy Wells near Trafoi

There, where the Holy Three Fountains are located, the shepherd Moritz is said to have seen three streams, each with a cross. Even today, the place remains a very popular pilgrimage and hiking destination.

Mining World Ridnaun-Schneeberg
Cultural hiking: From Mareit to Maiern

From a cultural perspective, the Ridnaun Valley is one of the ‘richest‘ valleys in South Tyrol, as it is home to two of the province‘s state museums. Also worth seeing are Wolfsthurn Castle and the Mining Museum, which also offers special tours for children.

South Tyrol Dolomites
On the way on the Dolomites UNESCO Geotrail

On ten stages and a total of 176 kilometers, one delves into the history of the formation of the Dolomites on the Dolomites UNESCO Geotrail.

Herbal Experience in South Tyrol: Selected Hikes

Even our ancestors were well aware of the power of herbs. And even today, they are still used in South Tyrol.....

On the move on the Dolomites Panorama Trail

The Dolomites Panorama Trail leads in a total of four stages from the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm to Lajen, offering hikers a fantastic panorama of numerous Dolomite peaks.

Hotel Algund Hiking Waalweg
On the way on the Algund und Mais Waalweg

The irrigation channels (Waalwege) in South Tyrol are an excellent way to get to know the country‘s fantastic nature and enjoy beautiful viewpoints.

Stelvio Pass (left) and Rötlspitze (far right)
Foto: Armin Kübelbeck (modified by Svíčková and suedtirol-tirol) - CC BY-SA 3.0
8 Peaks March (Vinschgau)

During the 8-Peak March, even the stamina of hardened tour walkers is put to the test. As the name suggests, the goal is to climb 8 peaks in a good 12 hours and to overcome a total of 3,200 vertical meters.

Hotel of the
Hotel Plunhof

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Passeier Valley towards Merano
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Passeier High Trail (Passeier Valley)

The Three Peaks
Three Peaks Circuit (Dolomites)

The cozy Auronzo hut at an altitude of 2320m is the starting point for this moderately strenuous hike, which can be managed by children who are in good physical condition.

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Selected pleasure tours for your vacation in South Tyrol

Especially the south of South Tyrol is suitable all year round for enjoyable hikes, but they are particularly beautiful in the golden season, when the vineyards shine brightly and you can try culinary delights during Törggelen or Marende.

Spa promenade in Merano
On the Move of the “Waalwege“

In the past, the irrigation channels were used to irrigate the fields, today they are typical walking paths that run along the foothills and are also well suited for children.

Tribulaun Hut on the last meters of the hut climb
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Cactus26 - CC BY-SA 3.0
From the Tribulaun to the Magdeburger Hut

At the foot of the Tribulaun rocks, at 2,369 meters above sea level next to Lake Sandes, lies the Tribulaun Hut. It is an ideal base for hikes in the Stubai Alps, such as continuing to the Magdeburg Hut.

Salurn Center
On Dürerweg in Salurn

In 1494, Albrecht Dürer went on his first trip to Italy. Along the way, he also passed through South Tyrol, where many traces of the famous painter, draftsman, and printmaker are still remembered today.

Kaltern as seen from Penegal
Kalterer Weinweg (Caldaro Wine Trail)

Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, there are several themed hiking trails through and around the vineyards, which open up the beauties of these cultural landscapes in a variety of ways. In Kaltern too, one can embark on a journey of discovery through the diversity of perhaps the most famous South Tyrolean wine-growing region on the wine.path.

Stettiner Hütte, Meraner Höhenweg, Südtirol
Meraner Höhenweg

Many consider it to be the most beautiful hiking trail in all of South Tyrol. With a total length of around 100 km, it circles the Texel Group and offers numerous fantastic views and insights.

Partschinser Waterfall
Markus Rungg - CC-by-sa 3.0/de
Partschins Waterfall

The Partschinser Waterfall is one of the highest and most famous waterfalls in South Tyrol, with the masses of water from the Zielbach plunging impressively over an almost 100 m high rock face into the depths.

South Tyrolean Schlinig Valley
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Mawamo - GFDL
Hike to the Pfaffenseen (2222 m)

The two lakes above Schlinig are located near the gently rounded Watles and offer a magnificent view of the Ötztal Alps.

Dreischusterspitze, Schusterplatte and Paternkofel from the summit of the Kleine Zinne
Christian Pellegrin - CC BY-SA 2.0
Mountain hike to the Schusterplatte (2957 m)

The Schusterplatte between the Innerfeld and Fischleintal valleys is an extremely rewarding summit with great views.

The Laugenspitze from the northwest
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Thesurvived99 - GFDL
Laugenspitze (2433 m)

The Laugenspitze - a striking, freestanding double peak - rises above the entrance to the Ulten Valley and offers a magnificent view of the wide Adige Valley.

View of Roen from Karnol
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Plentn - Public Domain
Hike to Roèn (2116 m)

The Roèn, which rises steeply to the west above Tramin, is the highest and at the same time most rewarding viewpoint mountain of the entire Mendola Ridge.

Peitlerkofel (2875m) seen from Würzjoch
Mountain tour to the Peitlerkofel (2874 m)

This massive rock mountain - the northwestern cornerstone of the Dolomites - towers with its 600 m high north face clearly visible above the green Lüsner mountains.

Radlsee and Radlseehütte, seen from the Königsangerspitze.
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Svickova - Public Domain
Hike to Radlsee (2196 m)

The Radlsee above the Brixen basin - 130 m long and 60 m wide - with its clear water, transparent to the stony bottom, is said to be unfathomable according to legend. A plough wheel that had sunk in the Durnholzer See in the Sarntal valley is said to have reappeared here.

The Lake Tour
(c) Plunhof
Seven Lakes (2443 - 2647 m) Ridnaun

In the farthest Ridnaun Valley lie the magnificent Seven Lakes with their crystal-clear water dipped in deep blue color, in front of a gigantic mountain backdrop.

The Hirzer Peak (left, 2781m) from the west
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Stevie-Ray78 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Hike to the Hirzer (2781 m)

The Hirzer is the highest peak of the Sarntal western ridge and can be easily climbed by hikers who are not afraid of heights and sure-footed.

Spronser Lakes: Green Lake - Texel Group Nature Park
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Noclador - CC BY-SA 3.0
Spronser Lakes Plateau (2126 - 2589 m)

The Spronser Lakes, the largest high alpine lake group in South Tyrol, are located high above Merano, at the end of the Spronser Valley. The ten lakes offer a unique mountain experience in a beautiful circular tour.

Muthöhfe auf der Mutspitze
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Thesurvived99 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Hike to the Mutspitze (2295 m)

The Mutspitze is a popular and frequently visited viewpoint mountain above Merano, which offers a wide view over the Burggraviate and beyond.

The Three Peaks
Sexten Circular Trail

The Sesto circular trail – a thematic path consisting of two parts – is a wonderful way to get to know the area around Sesto, its history, and its characteristics. The circular trail is an easy, yet immensely interesting hike without significant changes in altitude.

Burg Hocheppan
Three Castles Hike in Eppan

Let‘s go for a hike to three of the most beautiful castles in South Tyrol, the famous Eppan castle triangle Hocheppan, Boymont Castle, and Korb Castle!

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