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Hike to the Hirzer (2781 m)

The Hirzer is the highest peak of the Sarntal western ridge and can be easily climbed by hikers who are not afraid of heights and sure-footed.

The Hirzer Peak (left, 2781m) from the west
The Hirzer Peak (left, 2781m) from the west - Photo: Wikipedia-User: Stevie-Ray78 - CC BY-SA 3.0

This challenging hike takes you to the summit of the Hirzer Spitze, one of the striking local mountains of Merano, located in the picturesque Sarntal Alps of South Tyrol. For this tour, hikers should be free from vertigo and sure-footed, as the path below the ridge features technically demanding passages and the section between ridge and summit is steep and exposed. From the summit, which rises to 2,781 meters, hikers are rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view that extends to the majestic Dolomites.


The ascent begins at the Klammeben mountain station, from where you head northeast towards the Hochplateau of the Tallner Alm. The Alm is located in a spacious basin, surrounded by picturesque mountain meadows – a truly idyllic place (signpost 40a).

From the Tallner Alm, the route leads eastward over the Gebirgsjägersteig (E5). First, you cross the grassy basin before the path climbs steeply over scree and through rocky sections to the Obere Scharte, the lowest point on the ridge (E5).

Along the ridge, the trail continues northeast on the Sarntal side, over rocky passages and scree fields. The path partially descends until the beginning of the summit ascent. Here you leave the E5 to reach the summit of the Hirzer in a wide arc and over several switchbacks (marker 7).


The way back to the summit takes you back to the Obere Scharte on the ridge (marker 7). Then you descend steeply over the Gebirgsjägersteig (E5), through scree and over rocky passages, to the Tallner Alm (E5). From there, you return to the Klammeben mountain station (signpost 40a).

This tour promises an unforgettable alpine experience with breathtaking views and challenging passages, ideal for experienced mountain hikers looking for an adventure in the South Tyrolean Alps.

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