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Photo: Wikipedia-User: Thesurvived99 - CC BY-SA 3.0

Three Castles Hike in Eppan

Let's go for a hike to three of the most beautiful castles in South Tyrol, the famous Eppan castle triangle Hocheppan, Boymont Castle, and Korb Castle!

Burg Hocheppan
Burg Hocheppan
Boymont Castle, the castle ruin above Missian (Eppan)
Boymont Castle, the castle ruin above Missian (Eppan) - Photo: Wikipedia-User: Thesurvived99 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Castle Korb Boimont and Hocheppan
Castle Korb Boimont and Hocheppan
Romantic Eppan
Romantic Eppan

Highly interesting cultural-historical hike, adventure trip with castle romance for the whole family or simply a pleasure hike through the wonderful landscape of Überetsch: this extremely popular route offers something for everyone! The hike is particularly rewarding in spring and autumn.

The starting point is the hamlet of Missian in the municipality of Eppan. Our hike begins right at Castle Korb, where the large "ZDF Herbstshow" with Andrea Kiewel was filmed in September 2010. We follow trail No. 12, which initially leads through vineyards and orchards on a paved road. Castle Boymont is already in sight, as are Hocheppan Castle and the Chalk Tower. The path leads through a farm, then into the forest, and finally merges into the "Castle Trail" (trail No. 14). In switchbacks, we ascend to the so-called Chalk Tower; from here it is not far to the first "stage destination," the mighty Hocheppan Castle.

The impressive complex from the 12th century is well-preserved, pigs root around in the castle moat, and there is plenty of interesting things to discover for young and old alike. The Romanesque frescoes in the castle chapel, which are among the most beautiful and significant in South Tyrol, are particularly worth seeing. In the cozy castle tavern, you can fortify yourself with food and drink for the further march and enjoy the fantastic view of the Etschtal as far as Bolzano and the Dolomite peaks on the horizon.

Then we continue along the "Castle Trail," first down to the Wieser Bach, then quite steeply and partly up stairs again to Castle Boymont. Of course, the children eagerly explore a small cave along the way. Castle Boymont itself is also an extremely impressive complex. Built in the 13th century, it served less for defense than for living and was correspondingly comfortable for the time. However, in 1425 it was largely destroyed by a fire and not rebuilt. An absolute "must" is the ascent to the keep, from where a magnificent panorama opens up: the Etschtal and Überetsch lie at your feet, Castle Sigmundskron and the roofs of Bolzano glisten in the sun, and in the distance, the Schlern and the Rosengarten shine. Castle Boymont is also managed, so there is no danger of starving or thirsting on this hike.

From Castle Boymont, we now descend back to the starting point of the hike, to Castle Korb. This beautiful Romanesque castle now houses a noble four-star hotel and an excellent restaurant. Alternatively, the Three Castles Hike can also be started in Andrian, then it leads over Hocheppan, Castle Boymont, and Castle Korb back to the starting point.

In the footsteps of history: Three Castles Hike in Eppan - South Tyrol

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