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Salorno / Salurn

The southernmost village in South Tyrol is located about 30 kilometers south of Bolzano on the Adige River. Salorno / Salurn, which was already settled in Roman times, is located on a debris cone and is bordered to the south by the Salurner Klause, also known as the "gateway to the south". This is a narrow point in the Adige Valley, which is bounded at this point by the slopes of the Geiersberg and Fennberg. Salorno / Salurn is located on the language border to the Italian area, and here the South Tyrolean Wine Road also ends. The region is the largest growing area for white wine in South Tyrol.
In Salorno / Salurn you will find cozy accommodations, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, guesthouses, and holiday apartments for your vacation in the region.

Salurn Center
Salurn Center


The town center is architecturally characterized by stately Renaissance and Baroque houses. The parish church of Saint Apostle Andrew, built in the Renaissance style, is striking in the town's appearance. At the rear end of the town, after heavy rainfall, a picturesque waterfall rushes down from the slopes of the Geiersberg. Just above Salorno / Salurn is the ruin of Haderburg, the landmark of the village and a popular destination for excursions and hikes. The facility was restored a few years ago and made accessible to visitors. A forest path, the so-called "Path of Visions", leads to the castle, which is about 900 meters long. The path is illuminated in the evening. The old walls can be explored with the help of the stairs, railings, and platforms. A refreshment awaits in the castle tavern afterwards.

Also worth seeing in Salorno /  Salurn are the Roman bridge, the Pichlschmiede, and the sculpture garden in Buchholz.
On the Pirle is the "Walburg Pirle", an early prehistoric fortification from the Rhaetian (pre-Roman) period, which was discovered in the 1930s. From Gfrill, a hamlet above Salorno / Salurn, there is a magnificent view over the Adige Valley.

Sports: Biking and Hiking

Salorno / Salurn is the ideal starting point for bike tours through the Adige Valley or along the South Tyrolean Wine Road. Along the way, there are picturesque places such as Neumarkt or Auer, as well as historical sights such as Runkelstein Castle or Siegmundskron Castle.

From the village, you have access to the European long-distance hiking trail E5, which leads from the Atlantic coast of Brittany over the Alps to Verona. The route leads from Trudner Horn to Gfrill near Salorno / Salurn and then further south through Trentino. In the nearby Trudner Horn Nature Park, visitors will find a vast network of walking and hiking trails of varying difficulty levels. Salorno / Salurn is also connected to the Dürerweg, a historic travel path. Albrecht Dürer is said to have traveled to Italy on this path.


You should definitely taste one of the regional white wines, such as Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Müller Thurgau. The red wines from the surrounding area, such as Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir), are also highly recommended.


Every year, Salorno / Salurn celebrates the Torbogenfest at Pentecost. During Maschggra (Carnival), various rituals revive the figure of Perkeo. This historical personality, around whom numerous legends still revolve today, was born in Salorno / Salurn in 1702 as Clemens Pankert. Due to his dwarfism, he eventually became the "court dwarf" and steward at the court of the Palatine Elector Charles III Philip in Heidelberg.

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Salurn Center
Icon Hiking
On Dürerweg in Salurn

In 1494, Albrecht Dürer went on his first trip to Italy. Along the way, he also passed through South Tyrol, where many traces of the famous painter, draftsman, and printmaker are still remembered today.

Sacred Heart Fire
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Noclador - GFDL
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Sacred Heart Fire in Tyrol

Every year on the second Sunday after Corpus Christi, an ancient tradition is revived in Tyrol: the Sacred Heart Fire.

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Törggelen in South Tyrol

When autumn comes to the country, when the leaves turn colorful and the light becomes golden, then the Törggelen season begins again in South Tyrol.

South Tyrolean Apple
Photo: Viola sonans - GFDL
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South Tyrolean Apple

Every year in autumn, it is time again for the apple harvest in South Tyrol. Fertile soils and the mild climate with up to 300 days of sunshine a year allow the South Tyrolean apple to thrive wonderfully.

Tramin in autumn
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The South Tyrolean Wine Road

There are over 140 wine roads just in Italy, but the South Tyrolean Wine Road is the best and most beautiful of all. At the prestigious “Roma Wine Festival 2009“, it was crowned number one among Italy‘s wine roads, with the perfect interplay of wine, landscape, culture, and tourism being especially appreciated.

Museum Human Time Travel
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Icon Museum
Museum Zeitreise Mensch in Kurtatsch (Human Time Travel Museum)

In Kurtatsch on the Wine Road in the South Tyrolean lowlands, one should not only dedicate oneself to the excellent wines of the region. An extraordinary museum also deserves attention.

Photo: Wikipedia-User: Unterillertaler - GNU-FDL
Icon Castle
Haderburg Castle

No other castle in South Tyrol was built in such a striking and dizzying position as Haderburg near Salurn.

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