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Schutzhaus Wieserhütte - 1,850m

Open from May 15 to November 1, no day of rest (summer operation only)

Wieserhütte - (c)
Mmmm - Delicious food at the Wieserhütte
Mmmm - Delicious food at the Wieserhütte - (c)
Wieserhütte mountain refuge
Wieserhütte mountain refuge - (c)
Rooms in the Wieserhütte mountain refuge
Rooms in the Wieserhütte mountain refuge - (c)
Altfasstal - (c)

The Wieserhütte is a classic mountain refuge with a tavern in the picturesque Altfasstal and starting point for hikes to Seefeldspitze, Geisjochspitze and the Seefeld lakes. You can reach the quaint hut with a hike or by mountain bike from Meransen.

On the sunny terrace and in the rustic parlors, you will be spoiled with freshly prepared South Tyrolean specialties every day. Enjoy dumpling specialties and hearty mountain cheese from our own cheese dairy. In addition to tasty herbal, pepper, and grey cheese, we also produce mountain butter, buttermilk, and yogurt ourselves. All these delicacies can be tried and purchased at the Wieserhütte.

Overnight accommodations are available in double rooms or in a dormitory that has space for 25 people.

Simon Fischnaller
I - 39037 Mühlbach (BZ)
Meransen - Altfasstal
Tel: +39 0472 520350
Handy +39 340 3756419

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