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Wurzer Alm 1,707m

Most beautiful alpine hut 2014

 Wurzeralm in summer
Wurzeralm in summer - (c)
Pleasant people on the Wurzeralm
Pleasant people on the Wurzeralm - (c)
Mmmm - Delicious food on the Wurzeralm
Mmmm - Delicious food on the Wurzeralm - (c)
Wurzeralm quaint parlor
Wurzeralm quaint parlor - (c)
Wurzeralm cozy terrace
Wurzeralm cozy terrace - (c)

The Wurzeralm is beautifully located amidst lush alpine meadows with a magnificent view of the Ötztal and Ortler mountain groups.

Directions to the Wurzeralm:
Starting point Hafling village (Mesner parking lot). Follow the marking No. 2 A (forestry road) or No. 2 (hiking trail). Hiking time about 1.5 hours.

Kofler Ulrike
Wurzerweg 38
39010 Hafling
Tel: +39 3396096926

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