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Snowshoe Tour: To the Stoanernen Mandln

Stone men in the Sarntal
Stone men in the Sarntal - Foto: Jon Shave - CC BY 2.0

550 meters of altitude / 4.5h
Mysterious sculptures made of stacked stones create the special magical charm of this snowshoe tour to the Stoanernen Mandln in the Sarntal valley.

Like silent guardians, they have positioned themselves on the viewing platform and face eternity, defying all weather conditions.

There are stories of witches who are said to have performed their rituals here to influence the weather or to meet the devil in person. However, finds also suggest that this could once have been a Celtic cult site.

But whatever it was, today the rough and wildly romantic character of the South Tyrolean Sarntal valley is in the foreground. Of course, it has its secrets and legends, and maybe you will uncover one of these secrets.

It starts from the Schermoos parking lot between the villages of Mölten and Flaas (1,449 meters). First, walk along the road towards Flaas. Soon you will have to turn left. The signpost pointing to the Möltner Kaser shows you the right way. This can initially be icy due to weather conditions, which makes the increasingly steep ascent a bit more difficult. Work your way carefully through the forest and you will come across a weather cross. From here, the path offers better hold.

Follow the orientation aids to the "Stoanernen Mandln" or "Hohe Reisch" (this name is rarely mentioned) or also trail No. 4. Once you have reached a wayside shrine, keep to the left, cross the meadows and soon you will be back on a forest road that leads you further to the Möltner Kaser (almost 1,800 meters in altitude).

From here it gets steeper again, but the mysterious stone men are worth every effort. A large number of sculptures have lined up here - some of them are smaller, some are larger than a human. They observe the surroundings from just over 2,000 meters in altitude and give the place an archaic charm.

The way back is via the same route. Those plagued by hunger can gather new strength at the Möltner Kaser Alm. The hut is only open on weekends during the winter months, otherwise from the end of April to the beginning of November. The specialty: meat dishes from their own livestock.

The challenge of this hike is primarily a matter of condition, as technically speaking the ascent is not particularly difficult. Expect a walking time of approximately 4.5 hours for around 550 meters of altitude.

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Stone men in the Sarntal
Foto: Jon Shave - CC BY 2.0
Snowshoe Tour: To the Stoanernen Mandln
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