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Snowshoe hiking in South Tyrol and Tyrol

If you want to enjoy nature away from the cleared hiking trails, we recommend the extraordinary snowshoeing. This sport is feasible for everyone with little effort. Thanks to the larger surface area compared to a ''normal'' winter shoe, snowshoes allow you to sink less deeply into the snow and thus save energy while covering greater distances. You can hike across deep snowy meadows, discover traces of wildlife, and experience nature in unique tranquility. Once you start snowshoeing, you will hardly be able to resist the temptation to do it again and again. Have fun on your winter vacation and while winter or snowshoeing in South Tyrol, wishes the online editorial team!

The snowshoe

For those who seek a direct nature experience, snowshoeing is the perfect winter sport. Away from mass tourism and the noisy hustle and bustle of large ski resorts, you can peacefully and quietly make your way through the untouched winter landscape while snowshoeing.

Snowshoes were once heavy but useful devices made of wood and leather. They were developed by the indigenous peoples of North America to move more easily in deep snow. The principle is quite simple: the larger surface area distributes the weight so that sinking into the snow is prevented.

Modern snowshoes are made of aluminum and/or plastic and are available in various models and sizes. They are all lightweight and agile. They also do not require special footwear, but can be attached to any sturdy hiking shoe with a simple strap binding.

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Nature experience for individualists

Snowshoeing is a sport for individualists, because the appealing thing about it is that you don't just follow well-trodden paths, but you seek your own way through the landscape. Whether through snowy valleys or over snow-glittering meadows, and even in high alpine regions, the hikes lead almost anywhere with snowshoes.

Walking in the great outdoors and in the pure, clear winter air is healthy and strengthens circulation and condition. The muscles are evenly used, and compared to other winter sports, there is hardly any risk of injury. South Tyrol with its quiet valleys and magnificent mountains is an ideal place for snowshoeing, in our opinion, even the most beautiful place in the world. Here you can truly immerse yourself in a wonderful and unique natural landscape.

A special tip

Get the hiking guide " Snowshoeing in South Tyrol " by Oswald Stimpfl and Georg Oberrauch. In addition to many useful information about snowshoeing and detailed maps, you will find 60 of the most beautiful tours described in detail.

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