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Swimming lakes in South Tyrol and Tyrol

When the sun heats up in the summer, one of the best places to be at that time is the realm of fish and frogs. The crystal-clear natural bathing lakes of Tyrol and South Tyrol are mostly fed by natural alpine springs and are a guarantee for refreshing cooling. In addition, there are also specially designed ponds that are perfect for families with children. So everyone can find their optimal spot by the water.

Kaltern as seen from Penegal
Kaltern as seen from Penegal
View from the ridge of Lachenspitze over Lache and Traualpsee down to Vilsalpsee
View from the ridge of Lachenspitze over Lache and Traualpsee down to Vilsalpsee - Photo: Wikipedia-User: ANKAWÜ - GFDL
Panorama of Achensee
Panorama of Achensee - © Achensee Tourismus
Blindsee - © Tiroler Zugspitz Arena - Albin Niederstrasser
Fernsteinsee - Photo: Wikipedia-User: Pequod76 - GFDL
Schwarzsee near Kitzbühel
Schwarzsee near Kitzbühel
Reintaler See
Reintaler See
Plansee in Tyrol
Plansee in Tyrol - Foto: Karl Winkler (Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0
Piburger See
Piburger See - Foto: Haeferl (wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0
Völser Weiher
Völser Weiher - Foto: Ladislav Luppa - CC BY-SA 3.0
Fennberger See
Fennberger See - Foto: Georg Weis - CC BY-SA 3.0

Refreshing mountain lakes in the lap of nature

Admittedly, the cold mountain lakes, which often originate from the glaciers, require some effort to overcome. Even in summer, their temperatures are far from those in the bathtub. But a mountain hike can sometimes be quite exhausting, and then a jump into the icy natural pool quickly activates a whole army of life spirits. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain panoramas, amidst green nature, with the quality of drinking water – anyone who rests in this way has definitely refilled their energy reserves until the next stage.

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The warmer and family-friendly alternative

But not every bathing pleasure has to start with goosebumps. The regional variety of lakes in Tyrol and South Tyrol also includes pleasantly warm ponds. Many of them are not too deep and therefore ideal for splashing children. Some of them reach a temperature of up to 27 degrees in the summer – much to the delight of those of us who are particularly sensitive to cold.

Some lakes also have good healing powers thanks to their high moor content in the water. So you can also bathe here to stay physically healthy. Not to mention the positive emotional effect that water in general has on us humans. The blue sky above, the fragrant, green mountain meadows, the peaceful rustling of the reeds – all of this makes a bathing holiday in which you can escape from the dry, hot everyday life.

Riding waves of adrenaline

But there are also those who combine water with sports and action. In this area too, the lakes in both regions are well equipped for their visitors. A wide range of entertainment creates a lot of attractiveness for surfers, water skiers, rowers, paddle boat captains, and canoeists.

Even the recent trend of blobbing, which involves a huge air mattress, a high jump, and a lot of flying fun, is cultivated at some lakes. Little sailors and water nymphs will surely embrace the water slides, the water trampolines, and the many other play equipment that have been specially adapted for the cool water. This target group will also be thrilled by the lake landscape in Tyrol and South Tyrol.

It is a diverse offering that the local lakes offer to their visitors. But when it comes to defining the goal, there is only one answer: your satisfaction.

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Lake Wolfsgrubner
Foto: Haneburger - PD
Lake Wolfsgruben

The Ritten, a mountain ridge in the Sarntal Alps, is known for its mysterious earth pyramids – pointed rock formations created by nature, standing in a line like a small army of soldiers along a forest clearing.

Völser Weiher
Foto: Ladislav Luppa - CC BY-SA 3.0
Völser Weiher (Fiè Pond)

The Sciliar area in the lower Eisack valley of South Tyrol is known for its namesake – the Sciliar, which is only about 2,500 meters high.

Lake Varna
Foto: Maria Keays - CC BY 2.0
Lake Vahrn

In the alpine Eisack Valley, at just over 700 meters above sea level, lies Lake Varna – nestled in a dreamy forest landscape.

Montiggl Lakes Lido
Montiggl Lakes

The Montiggl nature reserve in the municipality of Eppan on the South Tyrolean Wine Road is already an attraction for hikers and those looking for relaxation.

Fennberger Lake
Foto: Georg Weis - CC BY-SA 3.0
Lake Fennberg

Back to simplicity – that seems to be the motto of Fennberger Lake in the South Tyrolean lowlands. Not far from the border to Trentino, the small body of water slumbers on a terrace of the Fenner high plateau at just over 1,000 meters altitude.

Lake Antholz at the valley end
Lake Antholz

Whether three sunken farmhouses actually slumber in the depths of Lake Antholz? With a maximum depth of 38 meters, one would need better diving skills to get to the bottom of this rumor.

View from the ridge of the Lachenspitze down over the Lache and Traualpsee to the Vilsalpsee
Photo: Wikipedia-User: ANKAWÜ - GFDL

We are in the Tannheimer Valley in the midst of the enchanting nature reserve of the Vilsalpsee – rare wild orchid rarities protrude from the ground everywhere and great crested grebes drift on the surface of the alpine lake.

Black Lake near Kitzbühel
Schwarzsee (Black Lake)

The enchanting moor lake in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps is a popular place in the summer months for those who do not immediately think of an extreme drop in temperature when they think of a refreshing cool down.

Reintaler See
Reintaler Lake

In the Kramsach lake area in the Kufstein region, the Reintaler See is one of the warmest bathing lakes in Tyrol.

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Plansee in Tyrol
Foto: Karl Winkler (Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0

Surrounded by the wooded mountain peaks of the Zwiesel and the Spießberg, the second largest natural lake in Tyrol is located almost 1,000 meters above sea level.

Piburger Lake
Foto: Haeferl (wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0
Piburger Lake

Although it is more than 900 meters above sea level, the Piburger Lake in Tyrol‘s Ötztal can boast comparatively warm temperatures of up to 24 degrees Celsius in summer.

Hintersteinersee from above
(c) TVB Wilder Kaiser - Simon Oberleitner
Hintersteiner Lake

In the nature reserve Wilder Kaiser, this idyllic Alpine lake is located at an altitude of just over 880 meters. Most people come here to enhance their collected hiking experiences with another beautiful memory.

Pragser Wildsee
Lake Braies

It is often called the ‘Pearl of the Dolomites‘, and indeed, the emerald green lake, framed by dark green forests and the rock walls of the Seekofel, lies like a jewel before the eyes of hikers.

Natterer Lake

Not far from Innsbruck – namely a few kilometers south of it – the holiday paradise Natterer See opens its gates for those seeking relaxation and water enthusiasts.

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Mieming Swimming Lake

The small bathing lake on the Mieminger sun plateau does not have a glacial origin, unlike most alpine lakes, but was artificially created.

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