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Mountain Ranges

Learn more about the most interesting mountain ranges in South Tyrol and Tyrol.

In the Sesto Dolomites
In the Sesto Dolomites - (c)
Biker in the Lienz Dolomites
Biker in the Lienz Dolomites - © Osttirol Werbung
Hiking paradise Sesto Dolomites
Hiking paradise Sesto Dolomites
Ortler (3,905 m) in winter
Ortler (3,905 m) in winter - Foto: Plentn - CC0
Sulzkogel in winter
Sulzkogel in winter - Foto: Svickova - CC BY-SA 3.0
Wildspitze in winter
Wildspitze in winter - (c)

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Mountain fun in Hintertux
Photo: flickr-User: Leo-setä - CC BY 2.0
Tux Alps

A mountain range close to the pulsating heart of the city – the Tux Alps are not only part of the Central Eastern Alps, but also part of the massive mountain ring that protectively encloses Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol.

Kaiserjochhaus in the Lechtal Alps
Foto: J. Braukmann Milseburg - CC BY-SA 3.0 1 / 2
Lechtal Alps

A bit less touristically developed than the Allgäu Alps are the Lechtal Alps – and thus still a kind of insider tip with a more original character for friends of extensive mountain tours.

Black Lake near Kitzbühel
Kitzbühel Alps

They have already lent a graceful background to numerous pictures in film and television - the Kitzbühel Alps between the Zillertal and Lake Zell.

Traveling in the Karwendel area
Urheber: Unbekannt - PD

Tyrol and Bavaria share a treasure that knows how to impress with some superlatives. 125 peaks rising over 2,000 meters in height is certainly not bad.

(c) Wikipedia-User: Much89 - CC BY-SA 3.0

Like a queen, the Marmolata sits majestically above the neighboring mountain massifs. After all, this is the highest elevation of the Dolomites with the 3,343-meter-high peak Punta Penia.

The Three Peaks
Drei Zinnen

One of the most famous mountain formations in the Dolomites is certainly the Three Peaks between the Italian provinces of Belluno and South Tyrol, which rise like three lonely giants from the rugged scree fields. Because of their impressive appearance, they are also considered the symbol of the Dolomites.

Gardena Pass 2,121 m with Cir Peaks (2,592 m)

The jagged back of a sleeping giant dragon? Or gigantic organ pipes rising from the barren rocks? Your own imagination determines what the South Tyrolean mountain group north of the Gardena Pass reminds you of.

The Red Wall in the Rosengarten group
Catinaccio / Rosengarten - Dolomites South Tyrol

The Rosengarten is probably one of the most famous mountain massifs in the Dolomites. It is surrounded by numerous myths and legends, the most famous of which is probably the legend of the dwarf king Laurin and Dietrich von Bern.

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