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Around the Ahrntal

Starting from Steinhaus, a charming tour circumnavigates the Ahrntal. A very demanding tour both physically and technically for specialists!

Steinhaus in Ahrntal
Steinhaus in Ahrntal

From Steinhaus, you reach Prettau on the main road; from there on a steep forest road and wide trail to the ridge height of the Ochsenlenke (2565 m). From there through alpine meadows and forest paths to Rein, Ahornach, Aschbach, and Sand in Taufers, from where the return trip to Steinhaus begins.

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Recommended accommodations

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Hotel Bergland

Cadipietra ★★★

Excellent food and a homelike atmosphere at Hotel Bergland - South Tyrol - Ahrntal - Steinhaus

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Alpenpalace Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort

S. Giovanni ★★★★★

We welcome you to the 5-Star Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat Alpenpalace

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Hotel Auren

S. Giovanni ★★★

The Hotel Auren is located on the edge of small forrest on the shores of the Ahr River, just a few minutes from the middle of St. Johann.

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Parkhotel Schachen

S. Giovanni ★★★

Welcome to the 3-Star Park Hotel Schachen!

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Hotel of the
Hotel Plunhof

★★★★sAlto Adige

Hotel Plunhof
  • most family-friendly wellness hotel
  • enjoy the winter landscape
  • cross-country skiing paradise
  • Spa Minera Acqua Minera
  • spicy wines
  • be active together

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