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From Villanders to the Ritten Horn

Map mountain bike tour from Villanders to the Rittner Horn
Map mountain bike tour from Villanders to the Rittner Horn - (c) Suedtirol-Tirol
Haflinger Horses at Rittner Horn
Haflinger Horses at Rittner Horn

Highest point: 2,260m
Difficulty: hard
Duration: 6 hours
Length: 52km

Those who take on this strenuous tour will be rewarded with a beautiful view and a magnificent return trip on the Ritten high plateau. The starting point of the mountain bike route is Villandro.

From here, the path leads past Gravetsch Castle to the Gasser Hut. Here, you take trail no. 6 and then trail no. 7A. Then follows the ascent to the Rittner Horn. The summit forms the highest point of Ritten and is therefore known as a lookout mountain.

In view are the Grossglockner, the Dolomites, the imposing Ortler Group, and many more. The return path runs over the Ritten high plateau, which still has a few surprises in the form of difficult trails.

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Hotel am Wolfsgrubenersee

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Hotel Traminer Hof

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Bed and Breakfast Kreuzstein

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Nei pressi della tranquilla cittadina di S. Paolo si trova il Bed Breakfast Kreuzstein. La struttura, incastonata nel cuore della natura, vi propone una ricca offerta di attività per il tempo libero.

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Anett Hotel

Racines/Vipiteno ★★★★

Anett hotel - young, stylish, genuine. A small hotel, in a small village, near a small town.

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Hotel Plunhof

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