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Insider tip in the Pfunderertal

Vandoies / Vintl

Holidaymakers who prefer it small but nice like to go to Vandoies / Vintl. The municipality has a total of just over 3000 inhabitants, but they are generously distributed among the villages of Niedervintl, Obervintl, Pfunders and Weitental. Niedervintl and Obervintl are located in the Puster Valley, while Weitental and Pfunders extend into the beautiful Pfundertal. The villages are therefore ideal starting points for numerous excursions and experiences in the great outdoors. The highest point in the municipality is at an impressive 3260 meters - the alpine surroundings also offer plenty of opportunities for sporty and ambitious holidaymakers.

It is the interplay of gentle hills, as they are found in the valleys, and the rugged shape of the Pfunderer mountains that significantly shapes the appearance of the municipality. Here, gentle meadows and hamlets, there, steep mountain ranges - how soothing this combination can be, one is best convinced of this oneself. Around Vandoies / Vintl, nature offers all its richness, and that alone makes every holiday something special. What there is to see and experience here: green meadows on which dreamy individual settlements lie, clear mountain lakes, gentle slopes, steep peaks, "natural" playgrounds for the little ones, stunning panoramic views for the adults, rushing waterfalls, starry nights and last but not least, cozy rustic inns that invite you to relax and take a break.

im Pfunderertal
im Pfunderertal
Kirche in Pfunders
Kirche in Pfunders

Active recreation

Those who want to spend their holiday actively but still quietly are well taken care of in Vintl / Vandoies. A step outside the door is enough; the car can take a break. Because starting from the smaller villages, numerous hiking and walking trails begin.

Tipp: enthusiastic cyclists should not miss the Duner-Heuschupfe tour. The route (partly over meadows, partly over paved roads) leads to the so-called "Römerstraße" over 27.5 kilometers. This is a well-visible step in the middle of the terrain, which lies at the foot of the Eidechsspitze (2738m). The name of this step is a bit misleading, as it actually originated in the Ice Age when a gigantic ice cap advanced deep into the valley. Speaking of which: a different kind of ice experience is recommended to the brave and adventurous in the cold season. Due to the numerous waterfalls, the Pfundertal is perfect for exciting ice climbing in winter. Under the expert guidance of professional mountain guides, you will learn to climb along the steep ice columns. It takes a little courage, but once you've made it, the unique experience rewards all the efforts.

Traditions and crafts

Tradition and customs are highly valued in Vandoies / Vintl. The Pfunderer Höfeweg leads into a different world, which has already become foreign to many city dwellers. During a leisurely hike, you will learn how life in a farming family unfolds and how important daily work is.

You will also gain insight into long-forgotten craft traditions. Only a few still master the craft of making straw hats or weaving baskets, and coopers and felters have also become rare. A true cultural delight is also the visit to the Ansitze Baumgarten and Töpsl. Both are beautiful examples of impressive noble seats that are magnificent and bourgeois at the same time.

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