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Sights worth seeing in the monastic community in the Eisack Valley

Vacation in Varna / Vahrn

The cozy village of Varna / Vahrn is only a few kilometers away from Brixen, so it is often referred to as a "suburb" of the third largest city in South Tyrol. However, it is not only the proximity to Brixen that makes Varna / Vahrn so attractive, but also the scenic surroundings. Many farmers here are engaged in active wine and fruit cultivation, so there are many romantic orchards and fruity vineyards around the municipality.

Engelsburg of the Neustift Monastery
Engelsburg of the Neustift Monastery
Neustift Monastery Courtyard with Miracle Fountain
Neustift Monastery Courtyard with Miracle Fountain
Abbey Church in Neustift Monastery
Abbey Church in Neustift Monastery
Cloister in Neustift Monastery
Cloister in Neustift Monastery
Library in Neustift Monastery
Library in Neustift Monastery

Culture in the Augustinian Monastery

There are around 4000 inhabitants of Varna / Vahrn, divided into two areas. There is the idyllic Brixen Valley - where the main town of Varna / Vahrn and the nearby Neustift are located. On the other hand, you can breathe in the cool mountain air in the settlements of Spiluck and Schalders. They also belong to the municipality, but are located in slightly higher elevations. The so-called "gateway to the south" is recommended due to its favorable location for all kinds of sports or leisure activities. In the surrounding nature, there are both gentle and rugged forms, and the opportunities for outdoor activities are almost limitless. If you prefer to experience urban flair, then Brixen is also just a stone's throw away. The lively atmosphere of the baroque city invites you to leisurely stroll or to extensive shopping.

Protected Recreation Area

For those who think that only the nearby city of Brixen has plenty of culture to offer, they are mistaken. Right in Varna / Vahrn, there is also a cultural treasure: the Neustift Monastery. It was founded in 1140 by the provost of the Augustinian Canons Regular and has since been considered the spiritual center of the order. From here, the community of canons regular looks after 20 parishes in the surrounding area. In addition, the monastery also houses a student residence and an educational center. The building is known for its artistically crafted cloister and the Michael Chapel.

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Cattle on the Alpine pasture
Photo: Madeleine Schäfer - GNU-FDL
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Alpine farming in Tyrol and South Tyrol

The Alpine pastures in the mountains of South Tyrol and Tyrol are not only popular and idyllic destinations for hiking tourists, but also a very important factor in the ecosystem of the Alps.

Radlsee and Radlseehütte, seen from the Königsangerspitze.
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Svickova - Public Domain
Icon Hiking
Hike to Radlsee (2196 m)

The Radlsee above the Brixen basin - 130 m long and 60 m wide - with its clear water, transparent to the stony bottom, is said to be unfathomable according to legend. A plough wheel that had sunk in the Durnholzer See in the Sarntal valley is said to have reappeared here.

Sacred Heart Fire
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Noclador - GFDL
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Sacred Heart Fire in Tyrol

Every year on the second Sunday after Corpus Christi, an ancient tradition is revived in Tyrol: the Sacred Heart Fire.

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Törggelen in South Tyrol

When autumn comes to the country, when the leaves turn colorful and the light becomes golden, then the Törggelen season begins again in South Tyrol.

Hofburg in Brixen
Icon Castle
Hofburg Brixen / Bressanone

Until the year 1803, the Hofburg in Brixen, located at Hofburgplatz 2, was the residence of the Prince-Bishops and until the year 1973 the residence of the bishops of the diocese. Today, the Hofburg houses the diocesan archive, the nativity museum, and the diocesan museum.

Photo: Wolfgang Moroder - GFDL
Icon Castle
The castles and fortresses of the Eisack Valley - South Tyrol

The Eisack valley hosts one of the most important transit routes in the Eastern Alps. The enormous economic and strategic importance of the valley is reflected not least in the many castles and palaces that are strung here almost like pearls on a necklace.

Kloster Neustift courtyard with miracle well
Icon Church/monastery
Augustiner Chorherrenstift Neustift in Vahrn (Augustinian Canons Regular Monastery)

Kloster Neustift. In 1140, Hartmann, the provost of the Klosterneuburg monastery in the north of Vienna, was appointed bishop of the Brixen diocese by the Archbishop of Salzburg, Konrad von Abensberg.

Travel Pharmacy
Wikipedia-User: Dlawso - CC BY-SA 4.0
Icon Museum
Brixen Pharmaziemuseum (Pharmacy Museum)

The venerable episcopal city of Brixen has much more to offer than the famous cathedral, the Hofburg, the Diocesan Museum, and of course the magnificent nature all around. Among the many more hidden treasures of the city that are worth discovering is, for example, the Pharmacy Museum.

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