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Untouched nature as far as the eye can see

Fleres / Pflersch

For those looking for a very special retreat, Fleres / Pflerschtal on the border with Austria is recommended. Very few tourists "get lost" here, so it's hardly surprising that this beautiful spot is considered a real insider tip among connoisseurs. The valley winds its way for 16 kilometers towards the Stubai Alps, impressively surrounded by numerous peaks between two and three thousand meters high.

St. Anton, the main town in the valley, is located at an idyllic 1250 meters above sea level and offers small but fine accommodation for young and old. It is mainly inns and guesthouses that lovingly accommodate and host their guests. Although the Pflerschtal is long, it is very sparsely populated, so it can happen that you don't encounter a single soul for hours. Apart from the main town, there are only a few scattered settlements and farms throughout the valley.

Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in peace and quiet. Especially for nature lovers, an Eldorado for walks and hikes of all kinds opens up in a partially high alpine setting.

Tribulaun in the Pflersch Valley
Tribulaun in the Pflersch Valley
Ladurns Pflersch Valley Ski Resort
Ladurns Pflersch Valley Ski Resort

The Silver Valley

The Pflerschtal in South Tyrol is often also called Silbertal - a name that is supposed to refer to the history of the valley. In the 15th and 16th centuries, mining was actively and successfully carried out here; the population was able to secure their livelihood at that time. A few memories of this time still exist in the form of abandoned tunnels today. Tip: if you want to discover the Silbertal on your own, you can use a particularly convenient means of transportation. Where the Pflerschtal branches off, the village of Gossensass is located and here you can rent fun mountain carts. These are three-wheeled vehicles that are a bit reminiscent of go-karts, but much more comfortable and safer. Just choose the right size (small, medium, or large) and off you go.

There is also plenty to experience and discover on the numerous hiking trails around the valley. Whether it's a leisurely family hike or a challenging via ferrata, the landscape is almost perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Particularly sporty holidaymakers can of course also opt for a mountain bike tour or a climb to the Feuerstein glacier. Children will enjoy an easy hike on the 3-Almenweg Rosskopf-Ladurns-Allriss-Dolomieu. Here they will find a lovingly designed nature trail that helps them to get to know the plants and animals of the alpine landscape even better.

Skiing fun in winter

Fleres / Pflersch is one of the snowiest regions in South Tyrol. The season starts relatively early, as it can snow really nicely as early as October. And then the white splendor can remain until April or even longer. In the Ladurns-Gossensass ski area, enthusiastic skiers will find everything they need. Manageable slopes, well-groomed cross-country ski trails, and two natural tracks that invite you to have fun sledding. In the evening, you can replenish your energy in one of the cozy hotels, wellness hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments, or inns, and then go to bed exhausted but happy a little later. This is what pure winter fun looks like.

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Feuerstein Nature Family Resort ★★★★★

Fleres/Colle Isarco

With a private lake and wellness centre, Feuerstein Nature Family Resort is set at an altitude of 1,250 m. Offering panoramic views of the mountains and valley, it is 10 minutes‘ drive from Colle Isarco.

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Hotel Panorama ★★★

Fleres/Colle Isarco

Aktivhotel Panorama, in the heart of pristine nature, a hidden gem in the picturesque Fleres Valley, gives you a warm welcome.

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View of the Magdeburger Hut
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Cactus26 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Icon Mountain tour/climbing tour
From the Magdeburger to the Teplitzer Hütte

Very rewarding but quite challenging tour for mountain professionals.

Tribulaun Hut on the last meters of the hut climb
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Cactus26 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Icon Hiking
From the Tribulaun to the Magdeburger Hut

At the foot of the Tribulaun rocks, at 2,369 meters above sea level next to Lake Sandes, lies the Tribulaun Hut. It is an ideal base for hikes in the Stubai Alps, such as continuing to the Magdeburg Hut.

View of the Magdeburger Hut
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Cactus26 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Icon Hiking
Magdeburger Hütte - 2,423m

The Magdeburger Hut, also known as Schneespitzhütte, Alte Magdeburger Hütte, Italian Rifugio Cremona alla Stua, located in the Stubai Alps in South Tyrol, is situated at the end of the Pflersch Valley on the east flank of the Schneespitze at 2,423 meters above sea level.

Mountain fun in Hintertux
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Behavior in the High Mountains

High up, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama, different rules apply than down in the valley. The weather turns faster, a planned tour sometimes requires more effort than expected, and a small misstep can sometimes necessitate an early return.

Cattle on the Alpine pasture
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Alpine farming in Tyrol and South Tyrol

The Alpine pastures in the mountains of South Tyrol and Tyrol are not only popular and idyllic destinations for hiking tourists, but also a very important factor in the ecosystem of the Alps.

Sacred Heart Fire
Photo: Wikipedia-User: Noclador - GFDL
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Sacred Heart Fire in Tyrol

Every year on the second Sunday after Corpus Christi, an ancient tradition is revived in Tyrol: the Sacred Heart Fire.

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Törggelen in South Tyrol

When autumn comes to the country, when the leaves turn colorful and the light becomes golden, then the Törggelen season begins again in South Tyrol.

Village View Maria Trens
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Maria Trens

Just a short distance downstream from Sterzing on the Eisack, Maria Trens is located, a place of pilgrimage known and popular since the Middle Ages.

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The castles and fortresses of the Eisack Valley - South Tyrol

The Eisack valley hosts one of the most important transit routes in the Eastern Alps. The enormous economic and strategic importance of the valley is reflected not least in the many castles and palaces that are strung here almost like pearls on a necklace.

Burg Reifenstein
Photo: - Licence: CC BY 2.0 - Source:
Icon Castle
Burg Reifenstein Castello di Reifenstein

The castle in the upper Eisack valley is one of the best-preserved and most artistically interesting castles in South Tyrol.

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